Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Embroidery and Catching up

I've been having one of those months that we all dread. I just can't seem to get anything finished!

After spending weeks making and sewing a gown for Lizzie Siddal, I've been stuck on the embroidery to finish her for ages. And still she waits for that one final layer of clothing that will make her complete. It started off because I was stuck with a particular embroidery stitch, and just couldn't remember how to do what I wanted. I searched all over the internet, fiddled with countless trial scraps, searched through books, and even checked the clothes in my wardrobe just in case I had something embroidered in there I'd forgotten about (like I own any embroidered clothes!).
Finally, I gave in and ordered a book to arrive next day so I could crack on and get the skirt done. And what happens? It didn't arrive. Four whole days later my book shows up. And yes, I did get my money back. But another whole week had passed by and Lizzie was still sitting there with her gown unfinished and her hair wrapped up like my Nanna with her curlers in. Another few days of fighting distractions and research found me my stitch, and I was already to start when that life thing got in the way again and I found myself with no time to sit down to it.

Needless to say I'm now determined that Lizzie's gown will be finished this weekend and I'll have photo's of her to share with you all :-)
I have a few days off work to make a nice long weekend. So as well as finishing the very patient Lizzie, who's sitting quietly on my table getting very bored, I'll  be working on an altered dolls head for a friends blog, Alter It Monthy. While I've not been able to work on Lizzie I've been cooking up ideas for my little plastic dolls head and I'm hoping I can pull off the ideas I've come up with. I'm keeping them secret just in case :-)

Really hope your May was more productive than mine.

PS - It's my Birthday this weekend, so I'm celebrating with a sale in my Etsy Store.
There is FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE all this week, on all my dolls, until 12th June.
After doing the math this was the best offer for all my lovely customers, wworking out to 40% off the already reduced sale dolls, and up to 25% on the others. If your interested in a bargain, or just want a nose around, I've moved all my stock over from Folksy too, so there's a lot of new dolls in store as well.


More photos coming soon


  1. Natasha, just thinking of what Lizzie must look like half dressed with curlers in her hair!! LOL

    I hate when you pay for overnight and it's there several days later...seems nobody's home sometimes!!

    Have a wonderful birthday and I'm going right now to your Etsy shop for a "look-see"...your dolls are amazing. Have a better week.


  2. Thank you Georgina. Hope you have a great week too, and hope you like the shop :)

  3. I think we all have weeks like that...obviously some boggles have gotten into the works. I'm glad to hear you've gotten back on track and I hope you have a Lovely birthday. Good luck with your sale too!