Sunday, 27 October 2013

Catching Up & Getting Ready

I've no idea how, but I've managed to get myself sort of caught up on myself. Maybe I'm dreaming I'm doing better, but at least its making me feel confident I can get it all done now (I hope).

My Bride and Groom are all done and just waiting on a flower delivery before they go off to their new home as I ordered Gerbera for they as they had on their special day. I've really enjoyed making them and I really hope that they are liked by the lovely couple.

I finished off my Morgan La Fay Peg doll order for Emily, and my first Christmas Elf for Emma. making J the elf has really got me ready to make my Christmas tree peggies this year so that I can get them ready for my shop in time to get them sent out to my lovely customers. And I've started on a tiny Little Matchgirl, a Tin Soldier and his Dancer, Tiny Tim, Scrooge, Marley, and the three Christmas ghosts from A Christmas Carol.

My friends dolls are all in hand, and Nelferch now has her golden comb and other accessories. We have such a dark storm blowing at the moment that I can't take pictures of her to show you all. But hopefully next weekend will be better. Till then I'll be working on Christmas Peg dolls and maybe my Lady of Shalott as her bits and pieces arrive. I still have lots to do which will keep me busy while the rain falls.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

So Much To Do...

So much to do and so little time...
I've got myself behind on lots of things, started lots of things, and have lots of things in the works. At least I'm busy and happy when I'm making dolls :)
A Beautiful Bride and her Handsome Groom.
These two dolls are a special commission for Clive and are both just about ready for their hair to be added. I ordered beautiful silk for the Bride's wedding dress and she has lace added around the bodice and all around the hem.

These are the last three little peggies for Sarah's tree - November, August and October. November still needs her tiny fireworks to add to her bag, I need to attach Augusts bucket and spade so shes ready for the beach, and October being a zombie needs to be scruffed up and covered in blood and gore from her last meal.
These two are gifts for my best friend for Christmas :)
I so love giving Christmas gifts xxx
The lady in the stripy dress is to be a Cheshire Cat for Becky,and the lady in Red is December for Sarah.
This poor little love has been waiting for an age for her dress and dressings for her boat. My Lady of Shalott has been put to one side for too long and I really want to see her finished when I can get to her. I have most of what I need now so hopefully once my orders are done I can get back to work on her.
Lucrizia Borgia is waiting, but I'm not sure for what :S
She seems to be missing something and I'm still thinking on how to finish her off. Her dress is all finished but she needs something more. As soon as I figure out what that something is She'll be done :).
The ever patient Nelferch, my Lady of The Lake.
I waited an age for her golden comb to arrive only to find it was much too big, and am now waiting on a replacement to arrive. I have a vintage copy of The Welsh Fairytale Book to go with her, so once her final accessories are done she'll be ready too.
Finally, but not last is my Red Harrington.
I adore Helena Bonham Carter, and seeing her in the wonderful red dress in The Lone Ranger I just couldn't resist making her. Problem is I can't find a picture that shows her sleeves and my memory has failed me. Until I can watch the film again (hopefully I'll get it as a Christmas gift :) I won't be able to finish her off. Maybe I'll finally find the picture I need...
As well as all this I have fun to come working on a Christmas Elf, a Morgan Le Fay, and a Nutcracker Peg doll. As well as my ever ongoing work on my Elizabeth I with my good friend Linda, and some Christmas things to add to my shop. that lot should keep me busy until this time next year :)


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Beading, Bodices, Anna Karenina and Gravestones

I've not been up to doing much doll making as I woke up last Wednesday with a trapped nerve in my shoulder and couldn't hold a needle to sew very well :S Instead I've been planning out some Christmas peg dolls that can sit in the Christmas tree, and have some elves, Santa, and even a Grinch planned out. I LOVE Christmas and can't wait to get all my prezzies for friends and loved ones wrapped up pretty under my tree :) 
I've started some beading on my young widow's gown (and as you can see she now has hair), trimming each ruffle edge with a row of tiny jet beads to catch the light and make her glisten. She really is a wild young woman, ignoring all the rules and wearing highly decorated clothing when she's supposed to be grief stricken. She's certainly trying to catch someones eye.
I've added bows, lace and more beading, along with a jet necklace to her bodice and sleeves and I'm happy so far with how she's come out. I think she needs another fancier necklace though before she's done. And maybe a locket with a curl of hair...
The gravestone to go with my young widow is sitting drying on my table until I'm able to carve in the wording that I want and get it painted and decorated. I layered together foam core until I got a base that was right for it, then laid over with newspaper to give the clay something to stick too. I created the opening at the top to hold a small bar and bell that will have a cord leading down into the grave in a very simple model of a grave bell.
At the start of the week I started a custom peg doll for a lovely woman in the US of Anna Karenina, and this weekend I managed to get her finished. She's dressed in a copper brown silk trimmed with cream lace and a large bow behind to enhance the shape of her dress. She looks really cute, and she only needs a hat to see her all finished and ready for her trip across the water.
After waiting for ages for my little gold comb and scissors necklace to come from Asia it finally came, but as you can see it's totally the wrong size for a doll :S I thought that the comb was the size of the scissors, and then the scissors smaller again so that I could use them on a different project. But I could comb my own hair with this and can't really imagine why anyone would want to wear it. I've had to order something different again for my Nelferch doll so am back to waiting. If you need a large gold comb for a project of your own please let me know and I'll get you some proper pics :)