Monday, 15 December 2014

Dolls Are Getting Excited For Christmas

Ok, so maybe the dolls aren't the only ones getting excited for Christmas :)
I love Christmas!
I mean really Really REALLY love it. I've had all my gift bought since Halloween and my tree up since Dec 1st. All the card are written and gifts wrapped and now I'm ready with only 9 days to go until I get to give hubby his presents and find out if my friends and family like what I got them too. I hope they do as there are a few odd ones this year (not telling who's :)
I've taken Christmas Eve off from the Day Job and will spend it getting even more silly and wound up until I get told to calm down by Cris or get one evil look too many from Darcy Cat. It'll be here before you know it and I hope your all planning to spend lots of time and make happy memories with those you love.

I have been doll making but at this time of year I don't get to share much. I've been working on commissions and their all Christmas gifts so I can't share just in case I spoil the surprise for someone. There have been peg dolls and secrets and a rather glamorous lady in a va-va-voom black dress. I've also been working on a gift for my Godmother and another for a very lovely friend across the seas, and with all the packing and shipping and trying to finish off Effie and ideas I'm all in a mix. I huge horrible stinking cold hasn't helped either, but now it's gone I'm hoping to get some serious work done :)

Effie Gray is sitting very patiently waiting for her hat and a few trimmings, and my Remember and Secret ideas are coming along slowly too. Maybe I'll have some doodles to share soon. I hope your all having fun getting ready for Christmas and New Year.
Take care

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Harlequina Maria - New Art Doll

Harlequina Maria earns her money entertaining the crowds at the Masquerades every week. She dresses up in her finest and cavorts through the crowds of revelers, dancing, singing and performing acrobatics and tricks. She particularly likes to take the gloves or handkerchief from handsome rich gentlemen and make them chase her through the ballrooms until they agree to dance with her in her elaborate show dance.

By the time the night is over she has sore and tired feet. She’s always worn out and hungry, looking forward to her small fire and comfortable chair in her neat little apartment. Her pockets are filled with coins from the entertained party people, and she usually has enough to afford a small treat for tea the next day after she’s paid her bills. Once she wakes in the morning she’ll be back to work sewing and mending her costumes ready for the private balls and the next grand Masquerade.

Maria has a very lavish outfit of soft diamond pattered fabric trimmed with gold and cream lace, satin rosettes, beads and gold thread over cotton underwear. She has long knickerbockers and a short full skirt over petticoats that has two gathered and ruffles over skirts. Her bodice is laced at the front with gold thread and she has a rich red glittered mask to wear to the Masquerade.

She sits on a green velvet cushion which is included with her.

Next I'm working on a Wonderland Caterpillar while I wait for different fabric to arrive for my Effie. The embroidery I did for her skirt looked good, but not quite right so I tried to nick and fray the fabric to get the pattern I wanted. It wouldn't work on the faux silk I had and after trying it on a piece of real silk I've ordered new to do it to that. Hopefully she'll be finished soon.

I have a few small commissions for Christmas to do but still have spaces open if you'd like a doll from me. Let me know what your looking for and I'll be happy to talk it over with you.
Oh, and look!!!
Cris bought me this wonderful little model spinning wheel from a local charity shop this weekend. Isn't it adorable! I'll have to start thinking about Fate or Rumpelstiltskin for it :)


Monday, 3 November 2014

Puzzles To Solve In Doll Dressmaking

This week has been a puzzle week.
I have a custom order to make a doll dressed in a beautiful sexy black dress. And while I can't tell you just yet who she is or who she's for I know I can show you all my puzzle so you can see what I've been up to.

After fitting my lady with a shaping petticoat or two to give her some curves I added her sleeves as they were easy. Next came my draping and pattern cutting, and as I'm sewing in a soft black silky fabric I used iron on interfacing for my patterns so I could sew around them. Both the top and skirt part of this dress are made in a double layer of fabric.

After sewing the neck line of the bodice I couldn't get it to stay where I wanted it, so my lady had to have a lazy day relaxing while the glue I used to stick that plunging neckline in place set thoroughly. She looked very 80's with huge shoulders as I hadn't put in the shoulder seams. I wanted to wait so that I could sew them while in place to make sure I got a super slinky fit.

Now the skirt.
And this was my puzzle.
The rest of the bodice was straightforward enough apart from working out the pointy shoulders, and the bodice came out looking fitted and glamorous just as I wanted it. My issues with the skirt took some working out as the fishtail train is big and dramatic, flowing out behind the dress with even the front of it longer than floor length.
It needed to have no seams in the front that could spoil the line of the dress, but the fishtail fan had to be wide and trailing.

This shape isn't my usual style, but I really wanted to make it special for my lovely customer and really wanted it to be a good copy of the original dress. So I was determined to have as few seams as possible. In the end I managed to work it out with three (also a dart in the back).
One seam on each side and another in the back at the top of the fan so that I could add as much shape and train as I could by inserting an over-half circle of fabric.

It came out just as I wanted it and now my lady is sitting in her tight slinky sexy number waiting for the ruffles I need to add to her dress and her stunning blond hair.

I'm looking forward to sharing with you how she comes out in the end, but as she's to be a Christmas gift my lady has to remain un-named for now xxx

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Now I Can Sew Again

Now I can sew again I've been so busy I've neglected almost everything else. It's so good to have my arm back properly, even though it'll be a good few weeks yet before my elbow id fully healed. And I've been able to get all the ideas building up in my head started. Halloween will be with us before you know it, and the cooler weather is definitely here. We've had huge thunder storms and lots of rain. The sky has been so dramatic and moody, and even though I love the warm weather the change has given me a boost of energy that I think I'm going to need to get this lot done.

This sweet little Venetian Harlequina is waiting for her gold lace trim to arrive from Hong Kong, and delivery from that side of the world can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it gets here really quickly, and at others it's so so slow! So far I've sewn her sleeves and bloomers with her layered skirts gathered and flounced into a pannier shape. I still have her bodice to finish and lots and lots of details before I can start on her masquerade mask.

This young woman is Effie Grey. With the new film coming soon (I'm so looking forward to it :)) I thought it was time to make my own version of Effie, the wife of John Ruskin. She was cruelly treated by Ruskin who refused to consummate the marriage, at first using her young age as an excuse even though she knew that the sight of her on the wedding night had somehow disgusted him. This beautiful woman was admired by many, but as she aged he still refused to make her his wife, trying to convince her and those around them that she was mentally ill. At last she managed to divorce him and went on to marry and have lots of children in a new happy home. But I can't imagine what she had to go through to prove herself still a virgin to get her first marriage annulled.

This funny looking little lump is a commission for lovely lady in the states that I can't tell you more about just now as she'll be a gift for her daughter. I hope I'll be able to share some bits and pieces with you as I go along, but I won't be able to show you her finished until after Christmas when she goes to her new home.

These little Peggie's are the last couple of pegs I could find in my wood box. The middle one is a commission for the lovely Claire of her son singing, which is why his mouth is wide open. The other two I made at the same time and will be ready to tell me who they are soon so that I can make them come to life.

And lastly is this quilt piece I'm working on for Lorene of Wednesday Addams sat in a graveyard with her doll. It doesn't look like much yet but once the initial pieces are sewn there will be layers of paint and chalk added to the background, her face and the stones before I add embroidery to finish it all off.

I've even got a few new ideas bubbling away I want to get too, but I have lots of open spaces for any special pieces you may want in time for the holidays. You can contact me here, through my Etsy shop - or e-mail me at
Have fun whatever you do

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Prunella The Pumpkin Sprite - Art Doll by Natasha Morgan

As I sit here typing with my one good hand (the wrong one!) I'm wondering why it is I'm so lost without being able to make something. It's very frustration having to sit still with nothing in my hands, but I guess that if I'm good my fractured elbow will heal all the quicker.
I did consider getting poor Cris to type this for me but my lovely husband has already chopped my salad for my lunches all week and helped me set up to take photos and do my ironing. He's so good to me xxx
Anyway, I did manage to add the last details to Prunella so wanted to introduce her too you. Next I'm going to carry on with a dolls crochet shawl / blanket as it's the only thing that I can do right now while keeping my elbow bent and still. Hopefully I'll be able to sew something later in the week as I have tons of ideas :)

Prunella The Pumpkin Sprite Art Doll

Prunella likes to hide among the pumpkins during the cool autumn evenings watching the twilight come down through the branches of the trees while the little bats flit around and look like they are chasing the stars. It’s her reward to have her quiet times sitting on the soft leaves among the pumpkins after working hard to make sure that each and every growing orange ball is healthy and happy under their big floppy leaves. Halloween is coming soon and the smell of pumpkin pie cooling on windowsills is one of Prunella’s favorite things. Once all are full grown and ready for picking she’ll be able to relax for a little while before she has to go back to work again preparing the earth and looking after the seeds ready for them to be planted and grow slowly into all of the new plants for next year,

Prunella has stripped green drawers and a burgundy cotton lawn shift under the layers of her dress. She has a puff ball skirt held out with ruffles and an overskirt made of layered petals trimmed in lace and embroidery, dotted with tiny sparkling beads just like her jacket. Silk leaves and curly fronds add more layers, as well as a warm straw colored crochet shawl. On her head Prunella wears a tall traditional Welsh style hat made of green silk and decorated with lace, ribbon and more leaves and fronds. She looked like she needed a comfortable seat so I made her a nice large pumpkin to sit on decorated in the same way as her dress.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Two Little Zombies

Two more little Halloween dolls ready for new homes this week. You can find them both at my shop -

Bobby, A Country Zombie Art Doll

Bobby got caught. There he was peacefully working away in the far back field minding his own business and day dreaming of his next trip into town to see the latest moving picture, and a huge angry man covered in blood and with his clothes all ripped up and torn burst out of the hedgerow and bit him!
Well, you can imagine his shock. He jumped away and the big guy fell flat on his face in the mud. Bobby ran and ran as fast as he could but had to stop and hide in the old red barn when he started to feel ill.
His head banged awfully and his belly turned over again and again. He put his head down in the hay to rest as it felt like it was made of stone and his eyes were blurry. Just for a little bit he thought after listening carefully to make sure he wasn’t followed, but now he has no other thought than to find food. To kill and eat and kill again until the terrible nagging hunger inside him is finally satisfied. Poor Bobby. At least something is still in his head to tell him to protect his little sister Mary-Lou. He didn’t eat her, just nibbled on her hand a bit.

Bobby is dressed for work in his worn mustard shirt and dungarees. He’s made a bit of a mess of his clothes now, and if Mamma could see him she’d be very angry. Thankfully he ate her this morning.

Mary-Lou, A Country Zombie Art Doll

Mary-Lou was being a good girl and sweeping out the kitchen for her Mamma and all of a sudden her brother Bobby pushed her over into the corner. She banged her head hard and turned sharply to tell him off, but when she did she couldn’t quite make out what was going on. Bobby had pounced on Mamma while she was cleaning the veg for dinner at the kitchen sink and was biting her. There she was in a big heap on the floor with her hands still clutching a carrot and Bobby was chewing on her arm!
Well, you can just imagine her shock! What was he doing? He was normally such a good bay and always did his work as he should. Mary-Lou didn’t know what to do and did the first thing that came into her head.
She took hold of her broom and went and smacked Bobby on the head with it, smack! Bobby growled like an animal and grabbed her by the hand. He bit her sharply and pushed her back, and this time she fell against the table and banged her head so hard she blacked out. When she woke up all she knew was that she was terribly terribly hungry and just had to go and kill something with hot red blood to make the nagging in her belly go away. Oh, and Bobby was chewing her fingers.

Mary-Lou is dressed as she usually does when helping Mamma with the chores. She has on her clean white shift, well it was once clean at least, and her purple flowered skirt and blue bodice. Her apron is a mess now, but every time she reaches down to brush off the dirt she somehow makes it worse.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Autumn Is Coming - Making A Pumpkin Doll

As the nights are starting to get darker and the air is becoming cooler my imagination has gone over to all things Autumn and Halloween :)
There are just so many different characters to make with dark edges and spooky stories that I just can't help myself from making vampires and zombies, ghosts and Asylum dolls. But this year I wanted to make someone a little bit different for me. I wanted to make a Pumpkin doll, and now she's about half way through I'm ready to show you how she's coming along.

So far this little lady doesn't have a name, and I'm not even sure is she'll be a fairy, a witch or a sprite of some kind. She's telling me her story very slowly as we go along. And so far I know that she's a gentle kind little thing that likes to sit in the Pumpkin patch as twilight comes with her favourite books or talking to all the nice animals and spirits that she meets. She has soft baggy green stripped drawers and a dark burgundy shift under her pretty Orange and Yellow dress. Her skirts are shaped round just like her favourite Pumpkins, and she has ruffled petticoats to help keep the shape.

I've made her a smart tailored jacket with overlapping petal shaped tails in the back. She still needs quite a bit of trimming and finishing off before she's done. As well as her Pumpkin seat she'll have lots of leaves and curly vine feelers. And I'm planning a special stalk shaped hat she can wear once her hair is added. Shall I give her wings? Or maybe a broom and cauldron? She won't tell me quite yet but I've lots to do first and she wants me to finish her jacket and Pumpkin first, so I'm off to work :)