Saturday, 3 September 2011

Terry's Grandmother Sneeky Peek

I've been busy all day today getting all the little bits and pieces put together for Terry's Grandmother.

She's now all dressed in a smart gray / green check gown with a cream blouse and rich paisley shawl. And she looks really sweet sat on her little stool with all her magical bit's and bobs spread around her.

After getting Terry's Grandmother dressed I sculpted three tiny pumpkins to go along with the other little things I had ready for her. And this morning I sat down at my table, woke up while I looked through some e-mails, and got to work getting everything together so she can be finished this weekend.

I've stained a plinth base a dark brown and added a delicate patterned rug from a dolls house to make my little scene seem a little more homely. Then  painted the pumpkins and the little stool that I made for her last week. Adding faux liquid and sealing spices and seeds from my kitchen cupboard to the tiny jars and bottles.

Woodwork is really not my thing. And it took me a while to figure out how to make just a simple four-legged stool.
My handy Husband helped me figure out how to fix everything together, and I started with a few lengths of thin hardwood dowel, a wooden disc, and a real of vintage carpet thread.

Cris helped me to drill four angled holes through the wooden disc, then helped me again to hold the dowels still while I cut them into the four legs and four cross pieces. After gluing in the legs I shaped the ends of the cross bars with a small round file so that they fitted against the legs, and then glued them into place too. When everything had dried I cross wrapped each joint with the vintage thread to make them stronger.

Now that it's painted and ages this little stool looks quite sweet. And underneath I've hidden two jars of Terry's Grandmother's Love Potion Spaghetti Sauce.

Scattered around my smart Victorian Witch are three pumpkins grown in her abundant kitchen garden, a small black cauldron, a jug and bottle filled with mysterious liquids and a few tiny jars of spice and dried herbs.
Leaning against the leg of her stool is her unusual round Ouija board with the beautiful blue crystal hanging from a twisted metal hook, just as Terry described it himself in his account of her in the Victorian Grimoire.

Tomorrow just to finish everything off I'm going to add some tiny labels to the bottles and jars, find something to put in her cauldron, and cut some tiny herb bunches from my garden to add in among the pumpkins (you can still see the varnish drying on this one).

I've really enjoyed creating a tiny piece of Terry's Grandmother's world. and I'd love to make more little scenes for my dolls in the future. My only problem will be trying not to get too carried away with making more and more tiny little things to add in to tell their stories :)


  1. ooo I can't wait to see this one finished!!

  2. OMG, Natasha, what details...I love it. Can't wait to see it complete!!

  3. Thank you both so much :)
    I hope you like her now that she's all finished.

  4. Amazing. such delicate detailed work. the care you put into your creations is wonderful. I love to hear their background story its like entering a completely different world. and what a handy hubby you have there! x

  5. He's very good to me :)
    He always lets me use him as an extra pair of hands. Just so long as it's not too often and doesn't get in the way of the Rugby!
    Thank you for your kind comments :)