Sunday, 6 November 2011

Joel & Hazel Jones - My little Cake Toppers

Now I've had chance to edit a few more of the photos from yesterday's wedding I wanted to share them with you.

It was a beautiful day, and as you can see the Bride and Groom looked fantastic!

The ceremony took place in a rustic converted barn, and after dark the guests send paper lanterns floating into the firework laden sky. The sun shone all day long, and the music and company was fab. It was a really lovely wedding.

I'd never seen the cake that my two little dolls were to stand on, and was really looking forward to seeing how they looked.

I was amazed to see that my little figures looked fantastic. They suited the Burtonesque wonky tipsy purple and black cake as if they had been made together. And I was relieved that after only seeing a few photos of The Dress I hadn't done too bad a job of making it's tiny doll copy.

It was so nice that they got a lot of admiration throughout the day. And I can't wait to see the photos the professional photographs took of them, rather than the few snaps I managed to take on my phone.

You won't ever see many photo's of me as I hate being in front of a camera and not behind one. So it's worth pointing out that the blonde in the blue faux fur you can spot in the mirror behind the cake is actually me. Not a very flattering photo mind you, but I can't deny it's me :)

I have to add as well that I love the little bugs made of icing that were positioned flying around the cake. It's a really nice touch, and really made the whole thing fun.


  1. What a wonderful wedding. I love the non-traditional wedding attire and purple is one of my fav colours!! The cake was wonderful and your cake-toppers were the most original ones I've ever seen!

  2. Thank you Georgina, your very kind :) It was a great day!

  3. I love these, they look fantastic x