Sunday, 16 December 2012

Fiddling About This Weird Week

A weird few weeks.
I promised myself a decent amount of time to get by my two besties Christmas presents made, and then managed to get them made in just a few days. I also told myself I was going to use the pre-Christmas weeks to work on my Elizabeth 1, without thinking that the logistics of working with another artist on the other side of the world might slow me down a bit.
Working with Linda has been wonderful. I'd swear we're long lost twins sometimes we think so much alike. But while we're waiting for samples and and a few little gifts to cross the ocean so we can get a proper look at the fabric I'm using and the beautiful stones and wire that Linda is using the postal system is slowing things down for us. I have Beth now in her underskirt, sleeves and bodice. Her skirt is made and waiting to be tweaked to get just the right fit. And me and the lovely Linda are working on the plans and designs for the decorations. By chance I found a perfect flaw in the paintwork on the left side of her upper chest that looks just like a beauty mark. And I've managed to fit her bodice wide enough so that it will still show once her wide lace ruff is attached. She's coming along so well in her layers of silk and brocade. I'm so looking forward to seeing the latest of Linda's samples, and am trying my best to not tap my feet and jump out on the Mailman each morning.

I did have a little trouble with Beth's sleeves as at first I tried making them with a full length, gradually expanding sleeves so that they would have the fullness at the shoulder that she needed. But it just didn't look right. In the end I tailored her sleeves to fit loosely along the forearm before they expanded. She looks much better now, and I love how her silk shift peeks out at her wrist and along her neckline.
It's been a weird time in other ways too, as I normally try and slow down if I can at this time of year. but my brain had other ideas about it and has been trowing ideas at me right left and centre. The first of the new ideas I started working on is a little different for me as I normally make dolls to comment on historical society that has shaped how we live, the unusual lives and sufferings of women, the mythical and the strange, and anything else that grabs my attention. This doll is more specifically my comment on women in our own society and in that of the past - She's called Bound, and I hope to be able to show you all soon :-)
Another new thing is the start of a new book, which I always love. My darling husband bought me a few books for our anniversary, so I'm starting with one on Victorian Murderesses :-) I hope to find some new mysteries and more information on some women I've read about before.
Before Bound is even finished, and while I'm still working on her detailing, I got a mad strange idea to make something very silly. The legends of the Welsh Pirate Captain Morgan lodged itself in my head and I though wouldn't it be fun to make Captain Morgan's Daughter :)
From a social statement on the bonds of women (very serious), to total Welsh nonsense.
I told you it had been a weird few weeks!!!

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