Monday, 18 March 2013

Custom Peggies and Mina Almost Done

What a weekend!!!
It whizzed on past and my To Do list is still huge. What happens to all my lovely doll making time I do not know.

I finally managed to finish off the details for my first three calendar dolls. And now my Jan snow queen has her lace crown and a few sparkly jewels, Feb Cupid has his heart arrow and a little wooden bow, and March is all wrapped up in her Welsh wool shawl and her tall hat :)

I also finished off a custom ordered peg doll of Anne Boleyn for a lovely lady in Texas, and she's all wrapped up and on her way to her :)
This was a really fun doll to make, and I really must make a bigger version of Anne soon in the future. Her gown is layered and trimmed with gold lace, and her black satin head piece has a black veil and pearl beads. I had a bit of trouble making her her B necklace to get it small enough so it would hang nicely but big enough to take the little pearls, and in the end I think she looks  really cute :)

I had planned to get Mina all finished and listed in my shop too, but the ruffles took much longer than I thought, and at the last minute I decided she needed a fuller larger bustle too.
I made the bustle from white linen buckram in the place of traditional horsehair, and it works really well to hold her skirts in a better position. Because of the slight change in shape her skirts wouldn't hang right were I'd tacked them into place so I've let down all the back again to re-fit it better.

All her ruffles are done now and in place, her sleeves have had their final detail, and there isn't a lot left to do apart from some awkward bits. I'm planning to add some tiny bow details in places that look a little bare where I can't see from the film or pictures what detail there is. And of course she needs the glittery necklace.
I really hope I can get her ready for the world by the end of this week :)

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