Monday, 13 May 2013

Ichabod Crane and Waiting Patiently

I've been as busy as usual, and am always looking for more time to make dolls. Life just gets in the way and takes over, but I have been busy on two new dolls recently. The first is a custom Ichabod Crane doll for the lovely Michelle :)
Here he is almost complete. Just a little touch of gloss and a final drying period for his mad glasses :)

He's dressed quite simply in a white shirt and cravat, with black trousers, waistcoat and coat. But the tailoring was a bit of a challenge to make him look just right. And I have to admit to having a bit of fight with his first coat. I won of course, and that nasty piece got thrown away so I could start over. There was no saving it, and this second attempt looks much better I think.

To finish him off I also made a small black Gladstone shape bag like the one he carried in the film Sleepy Hollow, full of his tools and inventions. And I tried my hand at making his mad glasses too. As you can see I had to add a bridge piece to add strength, and I think they may need further strengthening before I can finish the fit of them so they sit neatly.

As well as working on Ichabod I've been making another Jack The Ripper. This one in my largest size.
He's almost done too, and only needs his long sharp knife and a few bits and pieces to see him become that terrible fiend.
He has a white shirt and dark red silk cravat under a black waistcoat and jacket, with a cloak over the top around his shoulders. I made him a tall top hat and added a watch chain to his waistcoat pockets.

It's been a wet dark week here in soggy South Wales so I've not been able to get any decent photos to show you all, but as soon as I see some sun I'll take some nice ones to share with you all.

My next project is a set of Alice in Wonderland Peg Dolls to fill up my quota of small dolls ready for the summer events that are approaching fast. And I'm hoping to have the first three or four added to my shop this coming weekend. I've started with Alice, The Queen and the Hatter, but there will be a version of the White Rabbit (with a twist) as well as the Tweedle boys and maybe a Mad March Hare :)

Did I show you my Charlotte Bronte?
I think I've forgotten to share her here so here she is :)

She's listed already and available from my shop -

And finally... I've had an idea to make some small size jointed dolls and peg dolls of some classic spooky characters in their own little coffins. So get ready for Vampires, Zombies and Ghouls coming soon :)

As you can see I just can't stop my brain working at the moment. And most of it is due to me knowing that Linda has sent to beautiful finished wire lace she's been making for my Elizabeth I.
It should be here any day and I'm on pins to see it all and see how it all looks against the doll herself.
Please bring me patients to wait just a little longer.
And hurry Mr Postman!!! My Beth needs her Bling!!!

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