Sunday, 27 October 2013

Catching Up & Getting Ready

I've no idea how, but I've managed to get myself sort of caught up on myself. Maybe I'm dreaming I'm doing better, but at least its making me feel confident I can get it all done now (I hope).

My Bride and Groom are all done and just waiting on a flower delivery before they go off to their new home as I ordered Gerbera for they as they had on their special day. I've really enjoyed making them and I really hope that they are liked by the lovely couple.

I finished off my Morgan La Fay Peg doll order for Emily, and my first Christmas Elf for Emma. making J the elf has really got me ready to make my Christmas tree peggies this year so that I can get them ready for my shop in time to get them sent out to my lovely customers. And I've started on a tiny Little Matchgirl, a Tin Soldier and his Dancer, Tiny Tim, Scrooge, Marley, and the three Christmas ghosts from A Christmas Carol.

My friends dolls are all in hand, and Nelferch now has her golden comb and other accessories. We have such a dark storm blowing at the moment that I can't take pictures of her to show you all. But hopefully next weekend will be better. Till then I'll be working on Christmas Peg dolls and maybe my Lady of Shalott as her bits and pieces arrive. I still have lots to do which will keep me busy while the rain falls.


  1. Semplicemente meravigliose! Amo le tue creazioni!!!

  2. Well done on catching up and thank you for the photo-fest, Natasha. I'm really looking forward to these Christmas dolls! Oh, and be careful with that storm. I've heard it's huge. :(