Monday, 14 April 2014

Things Happen, And Gwyneth Is Coming

Things Happen!
Or rather in this case S**T Happens!!!

There I was, comfortably working on giving my Storyteller doll her hair in a lovely soft navy feather. As usual I took a look at my feather box and thought "I have plenty of feathers here", so on I go...

Halfway through her head of hair I reach for another packet of the same colour and Bam!
No navy left!
My poor doll has had to spend all weekend with her half bald pat shining and making her look rather daft. Poor thing is hiding herself away in my dresser, but today I received my package of new supplies from the wonderful Ribbon Moon site. They have lots of bits and always deliver quickly so I can highly recommend them :)

Another big boo boo was thinking I had black feathers here for my Siouxsie Banshee doll, so this poor lady has been waiting on me too. I'm just so glad that tonight both will get their fluffy locks.

The fabric for Siouxsie's kimono is with a lovely Japanese lady who agreed to add the text to it. And once it's back I should be able to get Siouxsie dressed fully quite quickly. Here she is sitting in her harem pants and turtleneck looking a bit bland, and very bald.

I have to have something to work on, and after thinking over all my unfinished projects I of course went and started something new instead. I've wanted to make a lady in proper Georgian / Victorian Welsh costume for ages, but as with a lot of things I put it off.

When I spotted this dolls pretty blue eyes I could just see her dressed in a smart Betgwn (half jacket half gown) and tall black hat. And am planning on making her a long red clock too.

I found all the fabrics I need so have ordered them all. That never happens and I'm always searching, so I think Gwyneth really wants to be dressed :)

So far I've made Gwyneth a pair of long cotton drawers (I've decided she was well off and could afford such things), a knee length shift gathered around a low neckline, baggy cuffed sleeves for her shift with a kerchief over her shoulders, and a cream cotton embroidered petticoat.

She was looking a bit too plain so I added a narrow border of simple blackwork to the hem of her cream petticoat. And I think it looks quite pretty :)
I'm going to give her next petticoat in a bright red with a pin-tucked hem. It's the kind of petticoat that is meant to be seen below her apron and between the split skirts of her betgwn.
Hopefully next week I'll have lots more finished things to show you, and I'm hoping to list my storyteller too :)
Take care


  1. I know how that not having supplies goes! And I adore the embroidery...such beautiful work!

  2. Do you have a facebook page? Can you link it because I can't find it x

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Yes I do here
      Look forward to seeing you there :)