Monday, 8 June 2015

The Joker - DC Comics Art Doll

Styled after the costume worn by Heath Ledger in the 2008 The Dark Knight Batman film I made my fiest version of this doll for my husband. He now lives on our mantle with my doll collection, and I’ve made this version in my small size for you. For me, no one will ever make a better Joker, but the character will soon return in the new The Suicide Squad film now in production.

I love the costume designed by Lindy Hemming with the strong colours and scruffy roughed up look of his suit. To add the scars to his face I’ve carved jagged rough lines and then covered them with smudged red to match his lips.

My Joker has a smoky blue shirt with a black tie under a grass green waistcoat finished with glass bean buttons. His trousers and Jacket are both deep Cadbury purple with marks of dirt and smudges of the white make-up he uses on his face. His dirty, greasy green blonde hair is slicked back from his scared painted face.

He weighs approx. 45g, and she is 27cm tall.

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  1. Really nice work on the suit. I love the wear and tear, it's just right!