Monday, 18 May 2015

Messing Up My Arty Time!

I've not been here in a while as I got myself a new day job, a bit of a promotion, and have been manic busy trying to get myself and my new responsibilities organised. The problem of course is that it's been messing with my art time :S
My head is now stuffed with ideas and they're all trying to come out at once. I'm going to have to settle in with my sketch book and try to separate them all out again soon. But in the meantime I have a very fancy Victorian lady started and a commission for a Joker in the outfit worn by Heath Ledger so have some photos to share with you.

I'm not sure of this young lady's name right now as she hasn't yet told me it. She's playing very hard to get and is very fussy, demanding all sorts of fancy trims and embroidery on her silk gown. So far she has her layers of soft cotton lawn underwear and petticoats with a dark royal blue underskirt that's pleated to the knee. Her bodice has a cream silk gathered layer around the neckline trimmed with tiny lace and surrounded with embroidery and more lace layers. And her sleeves have a ruffled cuff just below the elbow with more ribbon, beads and lace.

A few years ago I made a Joker for my husband and he sits on our mantle grinning at me all day long. And I've been asked to make a smaller version for a lady in America that I have half dressed so far. Under his purple trousers he has long drawers on to help fill out his skinny hips and legs and give them a proper shape. His shirt is cut very short to save on bulk around his waist and give him a skinny look, and I've left the fabric from around his shoulder joints to help ease the movement of them once the thicker suit fabric is gathered into place.
I carved his face up to imitate the scars the Joker has and painted him gaudily with white, rich red and lots of smudged black around his eyes. He still looks quite alien without his hair, but I'm hoping to have that added soon as well.

Nest will come his waistcoat and long coat as I'm not sure I'm going to be able to fit his jacket in as well without him looking like he has a thick body builder neck, but we'll see what happens as I go along. You can hardly see this blue suit jacket in the film of stills from it, but you can just see it peeking through if you look very closely.

I hope to have more to share with you soon xxxx

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  1. Argh! Blogger ate my first comment!
    *tries again*
    Firstly, congratulations on the day job and I hope you manage to sort out some doll making time. I love the Joker you're working on. Scaling down costumes always means a bit of cheating and compromise. And oh, that Victorian outfit for Miss Anon! The details are wonderful. I love that line of pearly buttons and bars. Maybe she'll tell you her name when she's decided you've finished her dress? We are just their minions, after all!
    Oh! And I spy a bunny!