Sunday, 13 February 2011

This Is Me

I’m an artist that specialised in unique handcrafted Art Dolls – Each made to tell a story.
I live in a very beautiful part of South Wales with a very indulging husband, and some very silly cats. From the window as I work I look out over a landscape that includes stunning mountains and green hillsides, a great sweep of river that shines in the valley, old ramshackle industrial warehouses, an ancient Abbey and countless churches, remnants of forgotten chimneys from long gone pot works, and row upon row of slate roofed Victorian terrace housing, along with the usual assortment of residential and business buildings.
My creative life includes all sorts of different things. I paint and draw, sew, crochet, work in altered art, assemblage, mixed media and paper crafts. But my first love is Dolls - The odd and the weird, altered, sculpted or assemblage. Art is important to me to keep me sane in a mad world.
It’s important to me to tell the stories that wouldn’t otherwise get told. Sometimes it’s the ones that rattle around inside my head – The silly little stories that get stuck somewhere between dreaming and waking. But increasingly it’s the stories of the women in times just past. The women that have just past the time of living memory, and the amazing difference in the lives they led compared to how we live now. It was so recently that such astounding leaps were made in science and medicine, as well as the staggering differences in the way people lived there lives. 100 years ago there was no way that I’d be able to talk to you here with such freedom, able to lead my own life and wear the clothes that make me feel good and ensure that I’m comfortable, not restricted and contorted by corseting and heavy layers. Thinking of all the women to whom these things were all denied makes me very grateful to live in times such as these with all the benefits of our age.
You can find more of what I’m working on, or just things I like at the links below.
Thank you for taking an interest.

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