Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mary Shelley - Fancy Petticoat and Blouse

One last little update before I upload the photos of a completed Mary Shelley.
I just wanted to show you the last layers beneath her clothes before I gave her her final dress.

She has on her final petticoat of fine dark red cotton, and a cream silk blouse with a ruffled front.

I've since added an embroidered ribbon trim to the petticoat to give it a little more detail. Again, it's cartridge pleated to her waist, and has a flounce added to the bottom. I did try adding another petticoat, as she may have worn more, but the bulking pleating was raising the waist too high and starting to spoil the final doll, so I removed it.

Her silk blouse is fitted to be almost but not quite off the shoulder, and is gathered in front to form ruffles and fit it around her bosom. Both body and cuffs are a delicate Habotai silk, and the sleeves are cotton. Although it should have been all silk, I didn't want the silk to wear through at the elbow as she's moved around and spoil the movement. So decided to use the more robust cotton instead.

Mary's all finished now, with just the photo editing to do before I can show her off.
I really hope you like her.

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