Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Very Under-dressed Dolls

After showing you my 6 new dolls all in bit's on the table I thought it only fair to them to show you now they all have some hair and are sitting up ready to be dressed. They all have a little pair of lacy knickers on to start with, no matter what underwear goes on later, as I just can't seem to leave them sit around with nothing at all on until I'm ready to start some proper clothes for them.
From left to right is Katherine Walters, Elizabeth Armistead, Lizzie Siddal, Mary Shelley, Rose La Touche, and Christina Rossetti.
Mary already has on her shift and bloomers, and is ready for her corset and under-petticoat. The others will have to stay a little cold until she's fully dressed.
As you probably realise, I make to dolls to fit the style of clothes that they will wear, even though I like to dress them in the correct layers; from the underwear outwards. I know that most of it won't be seen as I sew them into their clothes. But I like to make these portrait dolls as correctly as possible. And it really helps the finished feel of them to be able to tell that there are more layers underneath the clothes that you can see.

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