Monday, 3 June 2013

Creepy Coffin Dolls - Zombie And Vampire Fun

Where does the time go?
I'm sitting here looking at the beautiful sunshine outside wishing my day away so I can get home to my sewing and dolls. As usual I'm a busy girl with lots to do, but I've given myself this week to work more on my Elizabeth I doll, sewing on more medallions and beads. She's getting heavier and heavier, and the more weight I add the more astounded I am these women could do anything at all. They must have had huge thigh and shoulder muscles!!!
I'm also waiting for something rather special to arrive from America. I was very naughty, but I'm sure you'll all understand how it is to fall in love with a doll. And the second I saw Loopy Boopy's wonderful Minny I knew she had to come live with me. I'm so excited to meet her in person :)

At the moment I'm waiting on delivery of new supplies so I can start my next big sculpting session, and as well as the usual wood and clay I'm getting some modellers strong strip wood to make up some coffins for a new series of peg dolls I'm planning. So I've been working on some quiet sewing of another 1500's doll in the meantime, but this one a very different lady.
If you've not heard of Lucretia Borgia I'd highly recommend a quick look at Wikipidia to read about this ambitious, murderous, scheming woman and her blood thirsty family.

I had the idea to make some cute creepy characters like vampires and zombies in their very own little coffins. And got myself some thicker wood to have a go first in a bigger size. A lady on Facebook was interested in a zombie for her daughter so I had a great excuse to get the tools out and start working on how to get all those angles right. It's amazing how the past can come up and give you a kick sometimes, and I found myself digging about looking for my old technical illustration tools to help me in my plans. It's been so long I was amazed I still remembered how to use them all, but I guess when you really want to make something then it'll get made one way or the other :)

This little doll to go inside is named Zoe (I know it's cheesy - Zoe the Zombie), and I dressed her in some drawers and a shift with a torn petticoat and corset under her bodice and torn skirts. Then I got to go to town tearing, staining and generally grunging her up to look like she'd crawled out of the ground.
I also took my sharp needles out and gave her some scars and nasty wounds which I painted with blood and thick gloss to get them all gooey and disgusting. I have to make more of these. They are so much fun :)

Once I'd finished Zoe I looked around my few unfinished dolls and it suddenly occurred to me that this was just the project I've needed to finish my doll Bound.
She's never looked quite right to me, although she was just as I set out to make her. But as soon as I saw her with a coffin I knew that I'd missed out on the fact that Bound was a vampire. An hour later there she was - New sharp shinny fangs gleaming, her rope exchanged for chains, laying in her coffin with a hand cut crucifix and a sharpened stake for just in case.
If your interested in Bound she'll be on offer to my Blog readers only until the 11th June priced at £45 instead of £65. Just get in touch so I can adjust her listing for you if your interested :)

I can't wait to get started on my next sculpting session, although my Hubby would rather not have to act as my vice holding tiny arms and legs still so I can drill through them to be jointed. And while I'm doing that I'll be able to make up some mini Vamps and Zombies to add to my shop.
Hope your all having fun :)


  1. Wow! You have been busy! Love how Bound found her finishing touches. Lovely as usual.

  2. Thank you Nicole :) she was a lot of fun to make and get all messy :)