Monday, 17 June 2013

You Should Always Wear A Flower

Two little Zombies and two little Vampires waiting for hair.
I often wonder at other people. I wonder how such pretty young girls can feel they need to wear such skimpy clothing for example. Blue with cold and shivering while thinking they look attractive. And I wonder at the cluelessness of the answers you can receive to a simple question. Like the price of an item at a fair that your then made to feel guilty about as the stall holder hadn't checked her pricing before putting an item out.
But most of all, the most irritating and annoying thing of all that makes me wonder, is why is it some people go through life being so mean?

Lucrizia Borgia - Just waiting on a lace delivery so I can carry on.

I'm not for a minute suggesting here that anyone has been really mean to me directly or about my art work. I'm a big girl and I can stick up for myself ;)
But you know the person that only has to walk into a room to get your back up. The one you avoid dealing with at all costs, and do your best never run into???  Them. What's up with them?

Aahhhh! Lollypop heads!!!!! Can you spot my littel devil?

I often think to myself that I'm anti-social. That I don't like people and want to be a hermit doing my own thing and being left alone by the world. But that isn't true. I'm very humbled to know and to have met many lovely people. I have wonderful friends and family and get to talk to amazingly creative and intelligent people all over the world. My recent birthday really showed my just how much I'm cared for. I was really spoilt rotten with wonderful cards and gift and messages and I felt like a princess.
Making my dolls has also led me to meet and talk to a huge range of lovely people that I find hugely inspiring and supportive. So No, I've decided I'm not anti-social. I like people, just not the rude ones.

I love these wonderful Orange eyes <3

I learnt something about myself a few years ago that many of you will understand and know about yourselves already. I'm just odd! And odd is good :)
Why would anyone want to be like someone else? How could we all manage here on earth if we all did and thought the same way? We'd be extinct in no time!
My husband jokes that I'm no longer able to look after myself but he's partly to blame :) I'm lucky to have the most supportive man as part of my life that puts up with me and my strange ideas and odd habits, and also dolls in all shapes and forms and in all various states of undress and states of completion. Even at this moment he has to put up with my mess as I dive into another huge sculpting session. I don't even notice it, but he's very good at ignoring the table tops covered in severed heads, and the rows and rows of limbs hanging from boards propped up on top of the radiators so that the cats can't get at them (the kitten likes to chew!). At least he doesn't mind for a little while and what more can anyone expect.

I'll just never understand why there are still some people in this world that feel they have to fight against everything and everyone around them. Why do they feel that asking nicely or cracking a smile now and then is such a bad thing? And Why, oh why do I have to put up with their crap?????????

Lady of The Lake to be at the top.

Bring back the days when general politeness was the norm. And while your at it make it acceptable for me to wear white gloves whenever I feel like it too :) (not that anything stops me).
Make it socially acceptable for us to turn round on these people and tell them what for or give them a taste of their own attitudes. I want to tell these idiots that my life is stressful enough without their shit on top of it so stop wining and demanding and talk to the rest of the world like an adult. You think you have crap? Well pull up a chair and me and my friends will tell you the proper tale of crap that we all deal with daily and don't go around bitching about like you!

Please excuse my rambling rant my lovely readers. None of you are included with these mad strange things that can't function in society as I know your all lovely :)
My photos have nothing to do with what I'm saying today I know, but I though as this is supposed to be a blog about my dolls I'd include some photos of what I've been making recently :)
Hope your all well and well loved :) Now go wear a flower for the rest of the day and see just how much it can make you smile :)
Lucrizia and a little seamstress.

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