Monday, 30 December 2013

New Dolls For The New Year

My Friend Sarah's Christmas Tree Topper

It's been a lovely Christmas here in the Morgan home. And I hope that you have all had a wonderful magical Holidays with your loved ones too. We've had lots of prezzies, lots of wine, and way too much food :) And now the New Year is just around the corner with new things to do and new ideas to try.

Sarah's collection of 12 month peg dolls decorating her Christmas Tree

I've not been up to much, but have got myself in order by totally reorganising my supply cupboard at long last. It's made me feel so much better to have everything organised and ready for new things. Everything looks spic and span and labelled with what's in each box so now I can find anything I need (in theory anyway), and the doors finally close, which is a very good thing :)

My custom doll order for the lovely Ashley is on hold while I wait for fabric to arrive from the US, along with my Red Harrington as I try and figure out how to make her hat and shawl and wait for things for her too. I really need to be more organised and get all my ordering in at the start of the project so I'm not having to wait so long. But they both look so pretty sitting in a corner of my table watching me as I do other things. I can't wait to work on Ashley's doll again and see how her gown will look when it's done.

I've also started on a doll just for myself. One that I've been collecting fabrics and trims for over the last year, so it's wonderful to see her finally in some underwear.

My Queen Victoria is dressed so far in silk cotton drawers trimmed with lace, a shift of the softest cotton, and a petticoat of unusual Embroidery Anglaise. Her corset is made of stripped blue cotton with white lace and you can see that I've added longer under-sleeves under her shift that will help support her elbow joints once she's dressed and won't be seen when she's done.

Even though my Elizabeth I is still waiting for a few more details until she's done I just couldn't resist starting Victoria as well. Working with another artist on Elizabeth has been wonderful and I can't wait until she's done. But it was just the right time to start on my next special very detailed project. I like to have something I can work on in sections through the year. And this doll will be a great challenge for me. I've not decided on the very final outfit for her yet but want to dress her as we have all seen her in later life, with all the fuss and pomp of her official state photographs. Little round crown and all :)

I've also been trying new things and have been practising my painting again. It's been so nice to get out paper, pencil and paint to draw and colour some characters that have been swimming around my brain that just won't suit a 3d doll. They aren't ready to see just yet, but I'm getting there :) I'll be mixing patterns, paper, fabric, paint, pastel and pencils to get the look I want. And I hope I can get back the skill I once had before and improve on it.

I'm not sure just yet what we'll be doing here for New Year, and I still have a few gifts to deliver to friends when they visit next week. I can't wait to see them all :)
Hope you all have a wonderful time, and a Happy New Year xxxxxx


  1. Grandi bambole per il nuovo anno!!!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Wow! your Christmas tree looks so beautiful with all the tiny people nestled in it :) Hope you have a great New Year!