Monday, 9 December 2013

Why A Big Winter Sale?

Why am I having a Big Winter Sale?
Yes, one reason is that I want to be kind to my customers. And yes, I do want to clear some of my stock and make some money so I can make more dolls and all my new ideas. But these aren’t the only reasons, and not the whole reason by themselves.

I have wonderful customers and friends that show me a great deal of support all year round though this blog, Twitter, Facebook, Etsy and E-mail. Many of them I’ll never get to meet in person, and most of them are in countries far away from me. But I cherish each and every one of the kind, supportive, and encouraging messages and comments I receive.
I know I have an odd style and many people find my dolls to be creepy (it’s the eyes!), but each kindness I’m lucky to receive helps my odd mind accept that what I do is right for me and that there are others out there that can see what I see in each blank stare and each soft expression. Some might not understand that I make my dolls with a lot of love and that every one has a piece of me inside them, from the littlest to the biggest. But I know that some of you do understand. And I greatly appreciate it.

One of the most important things to me is that the people that my dolls go to are nice people. Friendly and kind, understanding and imaginative. They may see things in my dolls that they see in themselves, and that’s something that we share as I’m in there too. Being such a small business it’s not very often that I’m able to offer anything to you all. But changes are coming even though they are only small ones. And they mean that I can at the moment offer reductions on my work.

Yes, like everyone I want to make money. But no, I am not doing this in any way to say that my work is not worth the original price I placed on them. Each of my dolls is very dear to me, and some more than others at different times depending on what I’m feeling. Each is handmade with no moulds used, painted and strung using techniques I’ve worked on for years, and dressed with meticulous care and detail. Every seam and hem hand stitched and finished, every ruffle, trim and final detail added by me. And if you’d like proof I can send you a photo of my ruined finger tips lol J

Every creation, no matter who made it or the skill involved, deserves it’s place in the world and the respect of the people that see it. And I truly believe that every work has its merits. I’ve run my little doll making passion selling them so that I can create more. The more I make the more ideas I have and I only have so much room in my little house to be able to store and display my dolls.

I recently decided that spending my time and money displaying my work at fairs and shows in my area was not getting me anywhere, as I unfortunately live in a quiet part of the country and don’t drive myself so always have to rely on my long suffering doll widow husband. So the easiest fix to this is not to do any anymore. Simple as that.

The problem with this of course is that the high numbers of dolls I kept available throughout the year for me to take to these fairs and shows is now sitting forlornly on my shelves looking at me and asking why they never get to go anywhere. And I’ve no room left to get the ideas that are bursting my brain made no matter how much I secretly try and spread all over the house. And Yes, husband does notice and tells me off :S

So really what I’m trying to say is Yes, please do go and grab yourself a bargain. I’m not trying to clear out anything dodgy or rip anyone off. I genuinely want and need to see my dolls leave their nest and me behind as it’s time to let go of them to make room for new ones to come. I’ll even consider offers too if you’re not too cheeky, and am happy to reserve or arrange a layaway payment scheme.

Plans are afoot and very special projects are in the works. Secrets at the moment that I must keep, but I promise to share soon. And new projects coming that will test my skills to their limits and hopefully teach me some new things in the process. I’m tired of trying to please everyone as it can never be done no matter how hard I try, and in my odd little way I have tried. So from now on I’m planning dolls that are even more meaningful to me and hopefully to others. Dolls that share stories and have messages to take with them into the world. And Dolls that I will be working to promote worldwide to my worldwide audience. xxxxxx

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  1. Natasha, from one Welsh doll making lunatic to another, I have to say that I feel really sad that you are reducing your prices even though what you have said above makes sense. The amount of work and skill that goes into your clothing and the amount of thought you put into everything is worth every penny.

    It's also sad about stopping craft fairs but again, living in a rural area, I also know there is not that much of a local market. Is there no gallery, craft centre or gift shop that could sell your work for commission maybe? Whatever, I wish you luck and a Merry Christmas :o)