Monday, 26 May 2014

Gwyneth - A Traditional Welsh Lady

Gwyneth is the first doll I’ve made in a traditional welsh costume, which is odd as I’m a Welsh girl through and through, living and working in a beautiful part of Wales. I’ve named her Gwyneth after my mother, and I’m very attached to her. She came out just as I pictured her in my mind, and I know I’ll have to make more dolls in my countries traditional costume.

I gave her a traditional Betgwn style dress, the traditional Welsh dress, made in fabric that’s very similar to what my own costume was made from when I was little and getting dressed up for St David’s Day. She can be displayed sitting on a shelf or with her legs tucked under her, or standing with the aid of a doll stand as she has jointed arms and legs.
To anyone that remembers wearing a traditional outfit, or all those with Welsh ancestry, she’d make a lovely friend to bring back memories and heritage. There’s nothing so sweet as seeing all the little girls dressed up in their Welsh costumes and on their way to school or events on 1st March each year. I’m going to have to keep my eye open for an old tall Cwcwll Tal hat and shawl for myself 

My Gweneth wears a traditional Welsh costume. Over her drawers and shift she has two petticoats, the outer one embroidered at the hem with blackwork flowers. Her red pin-tucked petticoat or under-skirt shows between the openings of her red checked Betgwn, which is held open at the sides and back with tiny bronzy buttons to keep it out of the way as she walks and works in her garden.
Around her shoulders she has a clean white cotton wrap tucked into the bodice of her gown, as well as a shawl of pretty red paisley. Her sparkling clean white pin-tucked apron has lace insertion, and she wears her hat tied securely beneath her chin. Gwyneth is very proud of her sewing skills and has made her smart outfit to show off what she can do.

She weighs approx. 180g, and she is 38cm tall in her hat. And is available now at my Etsy shop -

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