Monday, 19 May 2014

Lady Madeline Spring - Unique Art Doll

The Lady Madeline Spring Art Doll

I made Lady Madeline after seeing the first fresh green gently pushing aside the rich dark earth to reach the sun. I’ve been saving this wonderful Liberty fabric until just the right idea came along, and as soon as Madeline came to mind I knew it had to be hers. After having such a miserable windy wet winter here in Wales the sights and sounds and colors of spring have brought so much freshness and happiness to me. With birds singing in the trees and my strawberries flowering in their pots along the patio I could only think of Madeline with her gentle smile and wistful looks.

I gave Madeline a traditional Betgwn style dress, the traditional Welsh dress, but made in a fabric that would never have been used by the Valley Ladies of old. I wanted to bring the shape a more modern feel while still being Celtic in origin. She’s a large doll, and has a lovely weight to hold. She’d like nothing better than a warm sunny spot in your home to bring smiles and joy to you and those you love, and she can be displayed sitting on a shelf or with her legs tucked under her, or standing with the aid of a doll stand as she has jointed arms and legs.

My Lady Madeline has cotton drawers, a shift and layers of petticoats, one embroidered with a Celtic knot design around the hem. Her green cotton lawn underskirt has row after row of pin-tucks, and her floral green gown is open at the front and folded back to show the white lining, attached with tiny buttons to hold it in place. Around her shoulders she has a silk wrap tucked into her gown, and in her hands and hair she has flowers fresh picked from the garden. Over her gown she wears her pretty white apron with more pin-tucks, lace insertion and a frill at the edge.

She weighs approx. 400g, and she is 53cm tall.

Madeline is now available at my Etsy Shop -

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