Sunday, 15 June 2014

Guinevire And Georgiana

This week I've been spoilt. I'm so lucky to have such a lovely husband that treats me so well on my Birthday. And this year I had a new dolly from him as a surprise gift :)
Blair is a wonderful art doll bust by Mystic Asylum - . She's so dream-like with her soft wisp of hair and stained and aged fabric around her shoulders. From some angles she looks sad, and others looks wistful with a soft smile. But it's her lovely sad eyes that make her so special :)

Cris has taken me out and treated me to shopping and cocktails, taken me to the cinema, and we had a great day out yesterday at the Welsh Games Fair watching all the displays and motorbike stunts. It's not often you get to see birds of prey up close and they where very beautiful. There were loads of dogs around, and a stand of the cutest ferrets.
The sun has shone every day we've had off from our day jobs. But with all these lovely things we've done I've not managed to get much sewing done.

I found a design for the embroidery on Guinevere's gown, but have decided to wait until a new book I've ordered arrives in case I find something I like in it even better. It's a book on Celtic Backstich that I'm hoping will have knotted borders and medallions inside so that I can compare what I have now with other designs.

I like this set of designs as the all match and I can reduce or increase the size to make motifs for her sleeves and the train of her skirts as well as the borders. But true Celtic designs are hard to pin down, and being a great Queen Guinevere deserves something special.

While I wait I've started on Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire and am working on an embroidered petticoat for her. I've always loves Georgiana ever since I first read about her. And the film with Kira Knightly has some of the most stunning costuming and scenery. As you can see I decided to give my Georgiana a pair of silk drawers, which at the time would have been a very very new fashion. As the lead fashion setter of her day I think Georgiana would have adopted the newest French styles from her friends Marie Antoinette and members of her court. And I always find that people have an odd way of always looking up a dolls skirts so I may as well give them something pretty to look at, right :)

I'm still to add some lace and ribbons to her underwear and finish her petticoat before I start on her silk stomacher, jacket and stripped skirt that I've based on an outfit from the film. She also has a huge hat trimmed in feathers and blue silk ribbon that I'm really looking forward to making :)
I'll have more soon.

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  1. That sounds like a fabulous birthday. What a sweet thing for him to do! I love your doll from Mystic Asylum!

    Did you find a suitable design for Guinevere's Celtic embroidery?

    As for drawers...I'm glad you've noticed what it is people do when they get their hands on a new doll. What is it about looking up the skirt? Everyone does it! I have a friend who gives her dolls sparkly knickers, for that very reason!