Monday, 23 June 2014

The Best Kind of Distraction

It's been a week of getting not much done and a whole weekend of the best kind of distractions :)

I managed last week to get Georgiana into her pointed stomacher bodice and jacket. And realised last minute that I didn't have the right colour of embroidery thread to trim it. Of course being stuck in work all week at my day job I couldn't get to the stall at our local market where I get my thread from, and there isn't anywhere else around here without going into the city or getting Cris to drive me somewhere. I know I could have ordered it on-line, but I'm sure that it wouldn't have come any earlier, so Saturday I was off into town to pick up the right thread and run some errands.

Yes, I do have clothes on behind that car door.
Distraction number one came with a phone call from my best friend Sarah about our going to a 40th wedding anniversary party later that day, and we found she was also heading to town for a few bits and pieces. We met up and did our errands together, using my poor Hubby as the pack mule to carry all the heavy stuff. We got everything done between us and I was very grateful for a lift back home so I didn't have to walk back up the steep hill. By the time I'd done a few chores, showered and got ready we were back out picking up Sarah and her husband Liam and son Thom to go to the party. All of us dressed up nice and looking forward to seeing the third of our trio Becky and her family.

Becky lives in Cambridge and comes home to see family and us lot every so often. I'm a terrible traveller, even though I'm getting better slowly, because of the problems I've had with my back. So seeing her here is always really exciting for me. It makes me feel great when we're all together again. Both Sarah and me miss her loads and wish she was closer. We've all known each other so long, and as Becky, Liam (Sarah's husband) and Daryn are my Godparents kids we've known each other all our lives (as the dodgy pictures show :))

It was a lovely party at a beautiful home of my Godmothers brother. We got there early so as Becky could get her two sons home at a decent time for bed. And with Daryn and Delyth had their 6 month old daughter Ffion with them too we all took our leave around 9 o'clock and headed home. After sitting in the beautiful garden all afternoon and evening in the wonderful sunshine we're having here both Cris and me changed straight into pyjamas and watched tele for a little hour before bed.

Poor Cris was up at 5.30am to go do a car boot sale with my little sister on Sunday morning. I got out of it due to being terrible use when there's any lifting involved. Also Alex knows I'm a grumpy cow when I'm tired :S
Once I was up I packed a doll ready to ship and tidied up. I went through a load of my old craft supplies that I no longer use and found a big box full of sizzix dies and another full of stamps that I've put to one side to sell. I'd rather someone else get use from them and I've always kept them in good condition so am selling them to fund my fabric problem. You can never have enough fabric, right?

Once Cris came home we did some laundry and got some food prepared ready to take with us up to Sarah and Liam's house for distraction number 2. We all planned to sit in the sunshine and have a BBQ while the boys played in the pool with water pistols and little Ffion rolled around and laughed on a blanket under her parasol and us adults talked enjoyed the weather. We walked home that evening with the sun in our eyes as it went down. And once home, showered and changed I was so tired I thought it best not to try and sew. And no, I don't think the few glasses on wine I had at the BBQ had anything to do with that at all!

As you can see I've been very naughty and have a lot of doll making to catch up on this week, but I don't mind at all as I got to spend my whole weekend with those I love. The photo above is the birthday card Becky, James and their boys Dylan and Luke sent me a few weeks back. I laughed so hard when I saw all of the pictures of us through the years and my awful dodgy hair :) I was also very grateful she'd left out the photos I know she has of me when we were children.
Becky is the lady with red hair, Sarah brunette, and the blonde is me :)

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