Sunday, 10 August 2014

Getting Ready For Halloween

Ok, yes. I know it's early, but I just can't hold off any longer. I just had to start making some of me Halloween ideas, and it's given me the boost I needed to get back to creating. I was stuck, as we all get, and felt there was something missing. I get terribly impatient if I cant work on making something. My head gets full up with ideas all fighting to be first, and not even sketching them out or writing them down will help to clear my mind. I put aside Guinevere for a little while and took up my next doll. Poor Guinevere needs a lot of embroidery to make her gown look just right, but my mad old brain just wouldn't settle and concentrate, so on I move until my imagination regains it's focus.

I've never made a doll in the traditional image of Dracula, but who doesn't love a good Bela Lugosi film on a wet Sunday afternoon. The idea that won the fight was little Lugo: named after his mother's favourite actor of course. He's getting ready for Halloween himself, and his Mamma has made him his very own Dracula outfit. He still needs a medallion to hang from his red ribbon just like a real count wears. And Mamma is looking for a chain to make him a watch chain for his waistcoat pockets. She slicked his hair back with some smelly stuff from Dad's shelf in the bathroom, and Lugo is particularly pleased with his big sweeping cloak. Next his Mamma is starting on his little sister Bella's Halloween outfit. She's going to be Dracula's Bride :)

I've been busy sanding, painting and varnishing a whole new set of dolls as I ran out of my smallest size and was getting low on my medium size. Later today I'll be able to start stringing them together  so that their ready for me to dress.
Can you see the two little Zombies laying next to the others?
What characters do you see in these faces?

It's a wet Sunday here as we get the remains of Hurricane Bertha hitting Britain, and outside is dark and moody. We're cuddled up on the sofa watching rubbish TV and enjoying our lazy afternoon - Cris with his computer work on his laptop and with me finishing this before I get back to my dolls. I hope wherever you are your safe and warm and having a lovely day too. xxx

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  1. Love him! The bottom end one looks quite perplexed, I don't know why but an Asylum doll springs to mind with that one. (But then I do love all things asylum!) x