Sunday, 31 August 2014

Autumn Is Coming - Making A Pumpkin Doll

As the nights are starting to get darker and the air is becoming cooler my imagination has gone over to all things Autumn and Halloween :)
There are just so many different characters to make with dark edges and spooky stories that I just can't help myself from making vampires and zombies, ghosts and Asylum dolls. But this year I wanted to make someone a little bit different for me. I wanted to make a Pumpkin doll, and now she's about half way through I'm ready to show you how she's coming along.

So far this little lady doesn't have a name, and I'm not even sure is she'll be a fairy, a witch or a sprite of some kind. She's telling me her story very slowly as we go along. And so far I know that she's a gentle kind little thing that likes to sit in the Pumpkin patch as twilight comes with her favourite books or talking to all the nice animals and spirits that she meets. She has soft baggy green stripped drawers and a dark burgundy shift under her pretty Orange and Yellow dress. Her skirts are shaped round just like her favourite Pumpkins, and she has ruffled petticoats to help keep the shape.

I've made her a smart tailored jacket with overlapping petal shaped tails in the back. She still needs quite a bit of trimming and finishing off before she's done. As well as her Pumpkin seat she'll have lots of leaves and curly vine feelers. And I'm planning a special stalk shaped hat she can wear once her hair is added. Shall I give her wings? Or maybe a broom and cauldron? She won't tell me quite yet but I've lots to do first and she wants me to finish her jacket and Pumpkin first, so I'm off to work :)

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  1. Oh! I love the polonaise-type bodice and those petal shaped tails. And that lace, that wonderful pumpkin coloured lace. She's lovely!