Sunday, 12 October 2014

Now I Can Sew Again

Now I can sew again I've been so busy I've neglected almost everything else. It's so good to have my arm back properly, even though it'll be a good few weeks yet before my elbow id fully healed. And I've been able to get all the ideas building up in my head started. Halloween will be with us before you know it, and the cooler weather is definitely here. We've had huge thunder storms and lots of rain. The sky has been so dramatic and moody, and even though I love the warm weather the change has given me a boost of energy that I think I'm going to need to get this lot done.

This sweet little Venetian Harlequina is waiting for her gold lace trim to arrive from Hong Kong, and delivery from that side of the world can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it gets here really quickly, and at others it's so so slow! So far I've sewn her sleeves and bloomers with her layered skirts gathered and flounced into a pannier shape. I still have her bodice to finish and lots and lots of details before I can start on her masquerade mask.

This young woman is Effie Grey. With the new film coming soon (I'm so looking forward to it :)) I thought it was time to make my own version of Effie, the wife of John Ruskin. She was cruelly treated by Ruskin who refused to consummate the marriage, at first using her young age as an excuse even though she knew that the sight of her on the wedding night had somehow disgusted him. This beautiful woman was admired by many, but as she aged he still refused to make her his wife, trying to convince her and those around them that she was mentally ill. At last she managed to divorce him and went on to marry and have lots of children in a new happy home. But I can't imagine what she had to go through to prove herself still a virgin to get her first marriage annulled.

This funny looking little lump is a commission for lovely lady in the states that I can't tell you more about just now as she'll be a gift for her daughter. I hope I'll be able to share some bits and pieces with you as I go along, but I won't be able to show you her finished until after Christmas when she goes to her new home.

These little Peggie's are the last couple of pegs I could find in my wood box. The middle one is a commission for the lovely Claire of her son singing, which is why his mouth is wide open. The other two I made at the same time and will be ready to tell me who they are soon so that I can make them come to life.

And lastly is this quilt piece I'm working on for Lorene of Wednesday Addams sat in a graveyard with her doll. It doesn't look like much yet but once the initial pieces are sewn there will be layers of paint and chalk added to the background, her face and the stones before I add embroidery to finish it all off.

I've even got a few new ideas bubbling away I want to get too, but I have lots of open spaces for any special pieces you may want in time for the holidays. You can contact me here, through my Etsy shop - or e-mail me at
Have fun whatever you do

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