Sunday, 28 September 2014

Prunella The Pumpkin Sprite - Art Doll by Natasha Morgan

As I sit here typing with my one good hand (the wrong one!) I'm wondering why it is I'm so lost without being able to make something. It's very frustration having to sit still with nothing in my hands, but I guess that if I'm good my fractured elbow will heal all the quicker.
I did consider getting poor Cris to type this for me but my lovely husband has already chopped my salad for my lunches all week and helped me set up to take photos and do my ironing. He's so good to me xxx
Anyway, I did manage to add the last details to Prunella so wanted to introduce her too you. Next I'm going to carry on with a dolls crochet shawl / blanket as it's the only thing that I can do right now while keeping my elbow bent and still. Hopefully I'll be able to sew something later in the week as I have tons of ideas :)

Prunella The Pumpkin Sprite Art Doll

Prunella likes to hide among the pumpkins during the cool autumn evenings watching the twilight come down through the branches of the trees while the little bats flit around and look like they are chasing the stars. It’s her reward to have her quiet times sitting on the soft leaves among the pumpkins after working hard to make sure that each and every growing orange ball is healthy and happy under their big floppy leaves. Halloween is coming soon and the smell of pumpkin pie cooling on windowsills is one of Prunella’s favorite things. Once all are full grown and ready for picking she’ll be able to relax for a little while before she has to go back to work again preparing the earth and looking after the seeds ready for them to be planted and grow slowly into all of the new plants for next year,

Prunella has stripped green drawers and a burgundy cotton lawn shift under the layers of her dress. She has a puff ball skirt held out with ruffles and an overskirt made of layered petals trimmed in lace and embroidery, dotted with tiny sparkling beads just like her jacket. Silk leaves and curly fronds add more layers, as well as a warm straw colored crochet shawl. On her head Prunella wears a tall traditional Welsh style hat made of green silk and decorated with lace, ribbon and more leaves and fronds. She looked like she needed a comfortable seat so I made her a nice large pumpkin to sit on decorated in the same way as her dress.


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