Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Custom Order - Ivy Levan

In November I was contacted by a lovely lady called Della that wanted me to make her a doll of her daughter as a Christmas gift for her. I like getting custom requests and Della's daughter was very pretty so we started talking about what she would like.
You can't imagine how surprised I was when I realised that the girl I'd be making was Ivy Levan!
After a good look around at her music videos and Google image results I was nervous about whether my style would be right with my big eyes and odd faces, but Della was sure so we started to plan out her outfit.

Ivy has a very dramatic sense of style with gorgeous dresses and sleek styled platinum blond hair. She's very glamorous and has a beautiful voice, and after narrowing down our options Della and I decided I'd make the outfit she wore when she sang with Sting on the Letterman show.
If you'd like to watch the video you can see it here -
They do a great version of Drive My Car by The Beatles.

Della told me Ivy's stunning Morticia Addams style dress was made for her and you can see it fits her like a glove. It's not a style I usually make but it was very interesting to try replicate the design in a small doll. Firstly I had to build up the hips of the doll to make sure she had a lovely curvy shape like the real Ivy, so I fitted her with black lace underwear and a tutu-like petticoat. Next came a fitted pencil skirt type petticoat over the tutu to get the roundness to her hips and give her a bum (my dolls don't have one of their own and I tailor the clothes to give the shape to the lower half of their body).

The dress itself had a really low plunging neckline, right down to the waist, so after making the panels I had to relay on strong glue to make it stay in place on the dolls body which is something I wouldn't normally do as I prefer to rely on my stitching. It's proof that the gown fitted Ivy perfectly that it stayed on her body with such a low plunge and the only way I can think it stayed on was with the help of body tape.

The shoulders are padded and shaped into small points over the tight fitted arms. And the skirt I made in three pieces so I could get the smooth front lines and the trailing hem at the back that sweeps across the floor behind her. I used a soft black satin that has a dull sheen rather than a high shine. And made her a tiny silver moon necklace on a silver chain. When it came to her hair I tried both an up do and with it down and Della decided that she preferred it loose and wild.

I really enjoyed making this doll, and I've heard from Della that Ivy was really pleased with her gift so I'm thrilled :)

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