Sunday, 8 July 2012

Three Victorian Ladies, All Still Bald!

All these ladies are about to get hair, I promise!!! But, at the moment, they remain bald and unfinished.
I've had quite a few hold up's with these three, but I'm almost at the point to finish them. I'm not used to having so many dolls in progress either, and it has got a bit confusing at times. The good thing is that as I got held up with one I was able to work on another, so it might not be something I'll avoid as much as I used too.

The dates of all three ladies are so close together, but their dress so different. I love to see the differences between these women. All living at the same time at some point during their lives, but very different in their style.

Cousin Clara still has a corded crinoline, and her skirts aren't quite so full as they finally became. She's just a few years later than Great Aunt Margaret. She needs something nice and soft, a warm shawl with a hand tied fringe I think.

Poor Clara is a ladies companion, or rather she's a poor relation that lives with her rich older cousin, keeping her company and doing her bidding. She's treated almost like a pet. She was left destitute when her husband passed and now has very little choice in what she does.

Christina Rossetti is still early Victorian, but she has a cage crinoline and huge skirts. The fabrics she wears are the cut of her clothes (when she gets them) show her to be a little later again. 

She's been waiting in her underwear, sitting around in her crinoline and blue patterned petticoats, for the navy cotton lawn with a satin finish to arrive from the supplier so I can get going on her smart frilled gown and cream silk cotton sleeves and collar.

Great Aunt Margaret is the earliest of these women, just at the very very beginning of Victoria's reign. She loves to dance, and has a full flowing gown in a very soft grey flowered cotton lawn. I'm yet to finish of her sleeves and trimmings. Being right between the simple Regency styles and the full crinoline Victorian styles Maggie has a slightly unusual dress. The skirts are wider, but not quite yet very full, and her sleeves are big and puffy. All of the bulk is gathered at the sides and back, so the front is still quite full.

I can't wait to get them all done and ready for the photo session. Luckily Hubby and I have a little time off with contractors in the house replacing our boiler. So I'm hopping that some sewing will be happening very soon. I also need to dress a birthday gift for a friend, but I'm not too sure what she'd like yet, so we'll see :)


  1. Now that's exactly why I always have several dolls going at once. It gives me lots of variety! :) I'm loving that black stripe petticoat for Clara...Oooo...but they all are looking marvelous!

  2. These are looking good. I, also, always have several going at once. It keeps me from getting too frustrated with any one. Can't wait to see them completed.