Sunday, 23 September 2012

I Seem To Be On A Colour Theme!

My poor chubby fingers have never had so many stab holes in them!
I've no idea why, but I just can't seem to help stabbing myself with the eye end of my needle in my middle finger, and it's now very sore. On the upside, a lot of sewing has been going on.

By Elizabethan Beth now has her petticoats and I'm on to her red silk one. I got the most stunning vintage sari border from Ebay to trim it with, but now I have it I think it will be making another one as it's a lot deeper than I thought. It' simply stunning! Handwoven, bright red silk and a silver pattern. So, so pretty!

I wish I could work on her fully, but I'm lucky to have had a few commissions for this years holidays. And as soon as my next fair in Cardiff is over with I'll be starting work on a Beatrix Potter doll which I'm really looking forward to.

To get ready for the fair I decided to work on my own, very first, Mother and Father Christmas dolls to show there. Santa himself is still rather under dressed in his drawers and complaining of the cold. While all Mother needs now is for me to pleat up the sides of her dark red silk over-skirt and a short fitted velvet trimmed jacket with a  matching muff and bonnet to keep her warm.

Soon Santa will have a shirt on. By the end of tonight I hope although there is a new Downton Abbey on tonight...
And over his red silk trousers and long waistcoat he'll have a long, warm velvet trimmed coat and matching pointed hat with a bobble on the end.
I love Christmas :)
And these are my favourite Christmas colours - White, Ivory, Cream, all shades of red with silver and lace. They all make me happy :)
Just wish as always I had more time to sew...

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  1. Simply Stunning! I absolutely love your work! As for the problem of the sore middle finger when stitching (which happens to me A LOT) I use a thin coating of "super glue" to mend my finger so that I can stitch away. It must be removed with acetone (finger nail polish remover).