Monday, 8 October 2012

Working Hard and Getting Somewhere - Maybe!

Unfortunately, even though it's been quite a while I don't have a new finished doll to show you.
I've been working real hard to get a load of dolly work done, but have hit a bit of a wall and haven't actually finished anything... Yet.

I have a few dolls sitting around in various states of undress, and a pretty mountain of things I need to do. But today seems to be the first time my bum has hit the seat for quite some time. And I'm taking advantage of it by getting some much needed creative time in.

My own doll Beth is coming along very slowly, and now has all of her petticoats in place over her silk shift and corset. I finished the last of them this morning while cuddling up with a very cute snoring Meanna cat. Her puring little sleepy wuffle always makes my heart ache it's just so cute :)

Over Beth's cream stripped silk petticoat I gave her one of stiff silk in a beautiful bright red colour. And her last one is made of voile edged with a very deep vintage hand-woven Indian silk sari border that I found on the Internet.
I felt so guilty setting scissors to this stunning trim, as I always do with vintage fabric, but she's a special doll and looks really stunning in it.

I've also been working on a custom order of Beatrix Potter, who now has most of her blouse finished and her petticoats in place. I need to add a collar and a little lace to her blouse before I fit her skirts and get started on her jacket and accessories. I couldn't resist trimming her white cotton petticoat with an embroidered floral trim as it just reminded me of photos I've seen of her sitting in her garden among the flowers. She even came with me to the Cardiff City Stadium Craft Fair over the weekend so I could keep on sewing her clothes during the quite spots - even though there weren't that many of them.
It was a good weekend at the fair, but very busy. Lots of my little dolls went off to new homes, and I got some good leads on further events that I'm looking into. One is the Doll and Teddy Fair in Birmingham, which would be quite a trip for us, and another Art & Craft Fair in Tredegar. When I've had a chance to look into them properly we'll see if they'll suit me and my dolls. And maybe, just maybe, I can convince Cris to drive me so far. It may take some sweet talking and bribery.
I found myself a new friend in Cardiff, and couldn't resist bringing her home for my own doll collection. This is Amelia, and she was made by a lovely giggly older lady who had the stall next to mine this weekend. She's a child's toy, but I'm no snob when it comes to dolls and love all types. I just couldn't resist her bright red crocheted hair in ringlets and her cute strawberry print dress. She has the sweetest face, embroidered so carefully. And has a calico body stuffed firm that gives her a beautiful weight. It's been a long time since I saw such cute handmade rag dolls in so many colours and different outfits. I just couldn't believe she was only £15! I have her sitting on my bookshelf at the moment so I can see her pretty face smiling down at me :)

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