Monday, 29 October 2012

A Mad Hatters Tea Party

It's so good to finally get something finished :)

I've been working so hard on so many dolls at once that it didn't really feel like I was getting anywhere for a while. But now I have my Mad Hatter all finished and sitting pretty next to me as I type. I really love how he came out, he's one of the dolls I can't help smiling at - I don't know why :)

The colours this time just all seem to work together as I want, and his accessories just came together in a flash. His sad little face is just what I pictured, and I had a lot of fun making him.

He has a bright turqoise silk waistcoat with a big bow cravat in flowery lawn fabric. His silk hat is trimmed out with a paper flower, pearl head hat pins, a found charm and clock hand, and of course, his 10/6 label.
From his hand dangles a needle and thread, and from his waist is a tape measure. On his other wrist is a felt pin cushion tied on with ribbon.

Beatrix Potter is sitting right next to the Hatter. All dressed now and waiting for the bits and pieces she needs to finish her off. I've made her a little bunny rabbit to sit in her lap, and have finally got my little piece of silk to make her a Peter Rabbit blue scarf. Next I need to make her her own deer stalker hat from a piece of Welsh wool I have. I've no idea how to do this but guess I'll figure it out along the way. And I'm going to give her a little satchel bag with her paints and sketchbook in.

My other little custom doll I can show you, but can't say who she's for at the moment in case the person finds out.
She's an early Victorian lady in a pretty grey lawn dress with scattered flowers. As you can see I still need to add her hair. But all her clothes are finished, all her petticoats and skirts, bodice and corsets. She's a pretty looking thing with her lavendar eyes :)

As soon as I finished off my Hatter I really really had a need to make a doll that's been in my head planning for quite a while now. I've strted my Jane Eyre, and you can see she already has her drawers, shift and panteletts (frilly long separate legs to hid the legs when skirts are raised). And yesterday I put many holes in my fingers making her first petticoat and a corded petticoat from thick textured cream fabric with lines of string sewn in for stiffness.

I've not made a wedding gown yet, so decided to make my Jane in her wedding outfit complete with bonnet and veil. I even splashed out on a mix of silk fabrics to make it in natural shades of ivory and cream.

The book Jane Eyre was set in the very very early Victorian period. Technically really just before Victoria as it was 1810 - 1820.
There isn't a lot of info out there about the clothes of this period, and a lot of it contradicts itself or gets things muddled up. Things seem to jump straight from Regency muslin to the young Princess Victoria, so I'm doing my best to wade through the differing information.

I couldn't resist treating myself to another showing of the film yesterday afternoon, tucked up on the sofa with a cheeky glass of wine and my Meanna in my lap. I forgot just how much I love the story. It really is a wonderful book and I think I need to read it again very soon.

I'll share more photos as soon as I take some :)
Best wishes to all xxx

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