Sunday, 14 October 2012

Edgar Allan Poe, Beatrix Potter & The Sad Mad Hatter

Finally managed to get a doll finished. All dressed and sitting pretty, with all his buttons in a row. Meet my little Edgar Allan Poe.

If I'd thought about it better I think I may have made this little chap in a bigger size as it would have been really nice to make his jacket removable and get more detail in his waistcoat and shirt, but those green eyes just drew me in.

He stands at only 25cm tall, has his notebook ready to make notes on insperation, and has his very own pet raven to keep him company.

Edgar wears an outfit similar to one he wears in one of his most well-known photographic portraits. Over his long drawers and silk shirt he has a white cravat tied under his high pointed collar, and a double breasted waistcoat made in a cream stripped silk. His black trousers and jacket are made of good quality cotton, with his jacket buttoned high to his neck with a small round collar.
I'm having a lot of fun getting my Mad Hatter dressed up and ready to strut his stuff. It's so nice to be able to go full out and really go mad on all the little details for him. And I've already planned out the details for his crazy top hat.

I've no idea why I think of the Hatter as such a sad charecter, but I always have. I think it's knowing that the poor man knew that he was going mad, and knew it was the mercury nitrate he used in the felting procces that was causing it. But he was unable to prevent it - He had to make hats, and the technology to protect himself just didn't exsist.

I don't think he was always sad, but sometimes in quiet moments I belive he was.
So far he has on his long drawers and a fine silk cotton shirt with deep cuffs and a very high pointed collar. I'm waiting for a fabric delivery that will give me some wonderful silk to make his waistcoat.

That same fabric delivery will also have the stuff I need to finish dressing my Beatrix Potter too. I've ordered a few shades of blue silk to make her a Peter Rabbit Blue scarf to wear with her tweedy skirt and jacket and deer stalker hat. As soon as I get it all I'll be sewing like a demon :)

I have given her a lace trim and high collar to her silk blouse, and as you can see I added her soft brown fluffy hair.
She's starting to look like she should now, and I hope I can do justice to the rest of her outfit.
Sitting on my radiator slowly drying is a small wonky eared bunny to sit in her lap :)


  1. Wonderful work, Natasha...I love your dolls!


  2. I love these guys!