Monday, 15 July 2013

My Little Seamstress & New Peg Dolls


This little seamstress, Glynys, is a poor young woman that has had some very good luck. She left her family home to try and earn some money which she could send home to her mother to help her keep her 8 younger brothers and sisters.
After searching around the big city showing her needlework and asking for work she came across a small neat Tailor Shop that had a small sign asking for a piece work sewer.
The kind Tailor and his wife took her in and were very kind. They let her sleep next to the fire in the kitchen where it’s warm and dry. And they are very kind to her and are always trying to feed her up and encouraging her to learn from the books of their own daughters. The tailor and his family are very religious people, and as they can’t pay Glynys much they always worry that she’ll leave them or turn to walking the street to earn extra money like other girls do. So to try and help her as much as possible they let her take any scraps of fabric that are too small to make anything for the store.
He often sneaks extra fabric and trimmings into her scraps box to make sure she can make more money for herself.
With them she makes tiny dolls clothes and monograms handkerchiefs that she sells to the rich women that come to the shop to buy the fine dresses and children’s clothes that they make there. She doesn’t notice how proud the tailor is of this quite kind young woman who has brought him twice the business he used to have with her fine stitching and perfect needlework.

My Seamstress wears tidy white cotton underwear trimmed with a little lace under three cotton petticoats. She was lucky enough to receive a gift of some very fine fabric from her employers last Christmas with which she made her outermost one among other things. Her blouse is highly gathered and she keeps it very clean and neat as it’s the only good one she had, and her blue flowered dress is made with pinafore top so that she can keep her pins tucked into the top. Around her neck she has her scissors close at hand, and she comes with her own little stool, a dress that she’s in the process of sewing and a basket of her dolls clothes and monogramed handkerchiefs.

Little Vlad the Vampire is a very sad young boy. He was only turned a few hundred years ago and the older Vamps tease him about not being fully grown. It’s not his fault his maker chose him when he was still growing is it?
He’d like a home that he can share with a nice polite person that understands his lifestyle and accepts it. Could you be the friend that Vlad needs?

Little Vald wears smart black trouser and a clean white shirt as he’s very fussy about keeping clean and presentable. His cravat is neatly tied and tucked into his waistband. His tiny teeth are very sharp so please watch your fingers. This little guy bites.
 Lucia the Vampire is looking for a new friend. She’s very tired of travelling and grand Vampire balls. She’s getting very fed up with all the egos involved with the other Vamps. They seem to think a great deal of themselves.
She’d like a forever home with a kind friend that she can share he adventure with.

Lucia has a very smart green silk gown trimmed with gold lace, and worn over a fine white lace petticoat. She’s very proud of her fine clothes, but she’s willing to share with her friends.
Please watch your fingers with this young lady around. Her teeth are sharp and she does like to bite.
Now I'm on to my next dolls, a little devil doll in her corset and bustle, and another custom order Rabbit Girl for the lovely Emily :)
I hope you like what I have coming soon :)


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