Monday, 1 July 2013

Silver Bells & Cockle Shells & Pretty Maids All In A Row.

I've worked worked worked all weekend and finally have dolls to show for it :)
It makes me so happy to see them sitting there in front of me now they are all painted and varnished. And I have 32 new dolls to play with and make dresses for (maybe some of them are boys, but they're still fun to dress up too).

I spent all of last night stringing together all the little elbow and knee joints, and tonight I get to attach them all to the dolls so that they can finally feel whole.
My husband is heaving a sigh of relief that the house will start to look semi normal again (as normal as it gets in my house) without every surface littered with doll parts in various states of completion, and I just can't wait to start work on all the ideas I have. I'll be making The Lady Of The Lake, a little devil with silver horns, I'm finally going to be brave and make my first Victoria, and lots lots more. But if you see a face you like that just jumps out at you as your doll and as the character you want me to make just let me know and I'll see what I can do :)
I've always had wonderful experiences of custom dolls and am always happy to hear new ideas.

There are 6 new lovelies in my largest size.
I love the honey coloured eyes on the one top right, and I know she'll have to be someone special.

I have 10 new medium sized people here, and you can see who will be my Lady Of The Lake with her blue and purple pearl eyes far right second middle row.
I have one or two of these set aside already but I'm quite flexible on who the others could be as they aren't talking to me much yet :)

Here are my 10 new small dolls, and my little devil right in the middle :)
I've no idea why I wanted to make her but she sort of just happened. I'm blaming it on a bit of cursed clay.

This lot are a few of my new peg dolls and my 4 faces for my 2 new topsy turvy dolls. I'm still trying to decide on what character pairs to make so any suggestions will be gratefully received :)

Next on my to do list is to finish off the embroidery for my Dark Alice / White Rabbit dolls apron. As my first Anthropomorphic doll I'm very pleased with how she's come out, and am happy to say her new owner seems happy too :)
She just need the clock face embroidered apron skirts and her white blonde hair and she'll be winging off to her new home.

Then I still have my Lucrizia Borgia to finish and have still not received my lace from China. I'm hoping it'll arrive in the next few days or it'll be lost forever in the great customs void!
And my little seamstress to add her accessories and bits and pieces to finish. I can't wait to get sewing again and bringing to life the mad world inside my head :)

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