Monday, 29 July 2013

What's With All The WIP's???

Really. Someone please tell me what on earth is going on with me lately?!!!???!?
I had a great run of getting lots of dolls made for different commissions. Everything going swimmingly and smooth. And now I've no idea :S

Firstly I started Lucrizia Borgia and just couldn't find the right lace to finish her. I ordered it from a lovely lady on Etsy who sent it from China, so I knew I had a wait until it came. After weeks and weeks we find it's been lost in the mail so now I'm waiting all over again as she very kindly sent it out again.
Knowing my luck they'll both arrive together!

I worked on some little peg dolls for people and all went well. But then my new trend kicked in again when I started on Nelferch, The Lady of the Lake. Again, stupidly, I came a cropper when it came to trimmings again and found that I had nothing suitable for her. The Husband doesn't believe this for a second and thinks I'm making excuses to buy more lace, but really I had nothing that worked. So I ordered that after finding something perfect on ebay, so had to wait again. (it arrived today so I get to go back to work on Nelferch. Yay! :))

Next, I started on a doll I've wanted to make for ages after finding the perfect little wooden row boat at a flea market. My Lady of Shalott was coming along beautifully until I reached into the zip lock bag I keep my plain silks in only to find I didn't have enough cream habotai left!!!
She's now sitting on my table waiting till I can order that up too. :(

What the B**P B**P is going on???

You can guess where I'm stuck now of course. I have all these dolls to finish, and I really do want to finish them, and because I'm so addicted to sewing I of course started on a small sized jointed Hatter and Alice White Rabbit yesterday for something to keep me occupied on the last lazy day of our hols.
Oh, and there's a Victorian Sweep to finish somewhere in that lot too.

I got to get it together.
I've no idea where to start, but I have to sort this mess out. As the lace arrived today for Nelferch I'll start sewing that on tonight and maybe make my Hatter some trousers.
Keep your eye out for some major confusing WIP update pic on my FB Page :) LOL :)

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