Monday, 12 August 2013

The Best Kind Of Mess :)

I’ve no idea what’s going on with Blogger but I’m having some troubles, so I hope this one comes up ok :S
I couldn’t even add my photos last week but I’m gonna make sure you can see the ones I have for this week.
After getting back on track with all my dolls I’ve had a week of finishing what I can before going totally nuts and making as many peg dolls as I can ready for my upcoming fair at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea on the 24th of this month. I managed to sculpt 24 of the little blighters in one night after finishing work. You should have seen me. I was like a demon with a  mission and I’m not even sure if I even had dinner (although Hubby would have shouted at me so I’m sure I did). I was there laying on the floor surrounded with clay and eyes and pegs and everything I needed and I got them all done J It’s the only space big enough for me to spread out and work.
Now, of course, I have to dress them all :S
I have two weeks to get all 24 of them dressed wigged and ready. Do you think I can do it?
I’m not too convinced, so have set myself a deadline for dressing them for next Wednesday as if I don’t start giving them hair by then they’ll be bald!
So far I have all the sculpting finished including a couple of pumpkins for two witches and a pie for Mrs Lovett. I know who each doll is and where I want to go with their costumes. All the dolls and their arms are painted , varnished and glossed where appropriate. And I have all of the little petticoats made up and pieces cut for trousers and shirts for the boys. I’m in a bit of a daze as I don’t think I’ve stopped all weekend!!
My Hubby Cris has been helping me get them all drilled for joints and has even been cutting arms for me. He didn’t even complain once. And he’s promised me help to get them all labelled and ready next weekend too. What a dear he is <3.
I’d be really stuck without him. Especially as I know how much he supports me and that he’s not even going to mind too much that I’ll be sewing as soon as I get home and he’ll be cooking dinner for two weeks (I hope – Please????).
Tonight I’m going to start on the three boys I’m making, Sweeney Todd, Jack The Ripper, and a little Demon, as well as my female White Rabbit as she needs a shirt and waistcoat too. If I can get those four done in two days and a few other things I’ll be ok. I think! :S
And this weekend coming my needle won’t leave my hand.
Part of me is secretly hoping I can meet this challenge I’ve given myself and another part is trying to hide under the bed clothes.
Come on Tasha! You can do this!!! ??? !!! :S


  1. You can do Hun, wow it is a challenge, hope hubby cooks tea for the 2 weeks ;)he`s got to be the best supporter.

  2. Good luck! Needs plenty of tea or whatever your cup of choice is. The peg dolls look so sweet all lined up together, full of potential and character.

  3. Love it. I tend to get more done with these types of deadlines. They're great so far.