Monday, 5 August 2013

What A Difference A Week Makes

Last week I was stuck in what seemed like a never-ending circle of unfinished dolls. Every one I started needed something I didn't have and had to order. And the longer I had to wait for things to arrive saw me starting more and more.
But this last week has changed everything for the better. My long awaited lace from China finally arrived and was perfect for Lucrizia Borgia. Nelferch, the Lady of the Lake, has her lace too which I'm now beading. And my Alice Bunny and Hatter are almost done.
My chimney sweep is still waiting for his hat. And I have one or two other little things to do. But it's been a good week for getting things done.

This morning I realised something that I hope this new found purpose and getting things done phase I have will help with. My next Craft Fair has snuck up on me and I now only have three weeks left to get a load of things done. First is that I have nowhere near enough peg dolls to take with me :S

In a mad panic this morning I ordered up more clay as I know I have only a very little left, and my brain is swimming with ideas for who I should make.
On my notebook in front of me is a list of twenty little guys I'd like to see on my table at Swansea Waterfront Museum on the 24th (come say hello and meet my dolls in person), but whether or not I can get them all made is another question.

My poor husband is going to have to put up with my doll factory style of mass sculpting and having heads drying all over the place. And if I'm very lucky I might be able to get him to help me with the arms. The poor guy does have to put up with a lot.
It's my own fault of course as I should be more organised. But my brain has been busy with custom orders and the dolls I wanted to make for so long. I'm sad they'll have to be put to one side for a few weeks but there's not a lot I can do now. I don't tend to take all of my largest sized dolls to fairs and try to have good variation in the rest. I've been so lucky that so many of my little guys have been finding new homes so quickly :)

Before my clay arrives I have one more special secret commission to do that I just can't tell you all about just yet. You never know who will be spying around the corner that shouldn't know what's happening :)
And hopefully I'll get to finish my latest Alice Bunny and Hatter so they can come to the fair too.

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