Sunday, 7 September 2014

Two Little Zombies

Two more little Halloween dolls ready for new homes this week. You can find them both at my shop -

Bobby, A Country Zombie Art Doll

Bobby got caught. There he was peacefully working away in the far back field minding his own business and day dreaming of his next trip into town to see the latest moving picture, and a huge angry man covered in blood and with his clothes all ripped up and torn burst out of the hedgerow and bit him!
Well, you can imagine his shock. He jumped away and the big guy fell flat on his face in the mud. Bobby ran and ran as fast as he could but had to stop and hide in the old red barn when he started to feel ill.
His head banged awfully and his belly turned over again and again. He put his head down in the hay to rest as it felt like it was made of stone and his eyes were blurry. Just for a little bit he thought after listening carefully to make sure he wasn’t followed, but now he has no other thought than to find food. To kill and eat and kill again until the terrible nagging hunger inside him is finally satisfied. Poor Bobby. At least something is still in his head to tell him to protect his little sister Mary-Lou. He didn’t eat her, just nibbled on her hand a bit.

Bobby is dressed for work in his worn mustard shirt and dungarees. He’s made a bit of a mess of his clothes now, and if Mamma could see him she’d be very angry. Thankfully he ate her this morning.

Mary-Lou, A Country Zombie Art Doll

Mary-Lou was being a good girl and sweeping out the kitchen for her Mamma and all of a sudden her brother Bobby pushed her over into the corner. She banged her head hard and turned sharply to tell him off, but when she did she couldn’t quite make out what was going on. Bobby had pounced on Mamma while she was cleaning the veg for dinner at the kitchen sink and was biting her. There she was in a big heap on the floor with her hands still clutching a carrot and Bobby was chewing on her arm!
Well, you can just imagine her shock! What was he doing? He was normally such a good bay and always did his work as he should. Mary-Lou didn’t know what to do and did the first thing that came into her head.
She took hold of her broom and went and smacked Bobby on the head with it, smack! Bobby growled like an animal and grabbed her by the hand. He bit her sharply and pushed her back, and this time she fell against the table and banged her head so hard she blacked out. When she woke up all she knew was that she was terribly terribly hungry and just had to go and kill something with hot red blood to make the nagging in her belly go away. Oh, and Bobby was chewing her fingers.

Mary-Lou is dressed as she usually does when helping Mamma with the chores. She has on her clean white shift, well it was once clean at least, and her purple flowered skirt and blue bodice. Her apron is a mess now, but every time she reaches down to brush off the dirt she somehow makes it worse.

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