Monday, 16 September 2013

May June and July Peg Dolls

So working on dolls this week has been pretty messed up again, but I’m starting to get back on top of things and back into my system. I’m still waiting on some bits and pieces for Nelferch and Lucrezia which should teach me to be more organised and not expect things I order from Asia to arrive within a week. And I’m still on the lookout for the perfect fabric for my Lady of Shalott, although things are occurring which should lead me to just the right thing J

I was shocked and surprised last night when my lovely Hubby said from no-where that he wouldn’t mind taking me into Swansea (where he hates to go) if I wanted to go to the fabric shop Lee Mills. Now this store is packed full to the rafters with every kind of fabric in every colour and weight, bolts stacked up in racks and leaning against walls making narrow walkways and towering walls of treasure. Cris himself finds the place claustrophobic, but I just love it there. And I’m gonna make sure I take him up on his offer very soon so I can find myself some lovely fabrics for future dolls.

I’ve been working on three of the peg dolls for the set I’m making my friend Sarah for her Christmas Tree.
She wants a doll for every month of the year and I sort of got stuck on May and needed to catch up. May was difficult as Sarah asked me to make a peggy of her little baby Travis, who I’m sad to say I never met. The poor little boy passed away at 10 days old  after a huge fight for his life. Leaving the family devastated with only a few photos to remember his short time with us by. As you can imagine the thought of making him as a peg doll filled me with dread and I had no idea where to start. I couldn’t leave him until later. That would just be putting it off and Sarah deserved for me not to do that. But where to start???

In the end I grabbed some fabrics and the doll with the gentlest expression I could manage and sat myself down promising not to move until he was dressed. And in the end he turned out to just happen by himself. Between us we choose a baby blue romper for him which I sewed form soft flannel and embroidered a start on the chest. Sarah chose soft blue marabou for his hair, cut short, and I added a pair of transparent cicada wings making him as an angel watching over his family. I’d like to try a bigger version of Travis so that I can add more details and include more memories.

June I was told to make myself as my birthday is in June. So what could be better than a 50’s red spotted dress with a matching hair bow. I so need to find myself a dress like this in my size, or even make one. I’m not sure if she actually looks like me but she certainly loons cute lol J

Of course making Me for June meant I needed to make our lovely friend Becky for July, so I dressed he in a smart black dress timed with gold lace and added her striking red hair and a necklace made from turquoise seed beads and a faceted glass bead in the centre.

I’m still missing Aug, but Sarah’s son Thom needs to decide on that one as it’s his choice. And I’ve made a larger doll for Sept as it’s Sarah’s 40th birthday and she asked for a doll she could use as a cake topper. I made a doll with lovely dark brown eyes and dressed it first in lace undies before I started her layered peach cotton and lace dress. Making it sort of Vintage 60’s styles and finishing her off with chocolate brown marabou hair.
I’m happy with them as long as Sarah is happy with them. And she says she is so that’s alright J

Over the last few days I’ve gone back to working on my Cerridwen doll for Linda, embroidering a Celtic Tree of Life in black thread on the back of her black cloak. No Witch can be complete without a cloak and hat and broom, so Cerrid needs one she can hang from the nail on her cabinet and wear on cold nights spent flying across the moon.

Sewing black on black isn’t easy, but it was well worth the effort to get this pattern included in her wardrobe. It really does suit her so well, and I’ll be adding tiny jet beads to highlight the design.
Thinking ahead to what’s to come I’ve also worked up a pair of drawers and a shift for a new large doll I’ve been thinking of for a long time.
This young lady is a widow in her weeds, but as her drawers are pink with fancy lace trim I’m not too sure she’s as innocent and chaste as she first appears.
She’s very worried about being buried alive (or maybe she just wants to make sure her husband in his grave is truly dead) as she stands next to the headstone in which she’s had set a grave bell. It’s a popular invention in her time, and made so that a rope is attached around the wrist of the dear departed so if they move the bell will ring. I mean, it’s not unheard of for people walking through graveyards to here the moans and knocking from new graves as the unfortunate woken corpse tries to call attention to his plight


  1. Oh my gosh! That black-on-black embroidery is wonderful and must have been such hard work on the eyes.

    I can understand how difficult it must have been to make wee Travis and have him be a fitting tribute to his memory. The peg doll you made is lovely and you gave him such a sweet little face.

  2. That is a great idea having a Peg Dolls for the Christmas Tree for each month of the year. And it is even more special that each doll represents someone. I think you did a lovely job with Travis :)

    I also cannot wait to see Cerridwen. The embroidered Celtic Tree of Life is fantastic!!

  3. Thank you both, I really appreciate your kind words xxx
    Cerridwen is slow coming but we're getting there. She's part of the doll project I'm working on with a wire artist in Florida so the distance holds us up a bit.

  4. Hi!
    Great idea, and great Dolls!!!

    Patri Bears