Monday, 2 September 2013

Unfinished Doll Business

The Sunset Last Night Over The Valley
It's not usual for me to have more than one or two unfinished projects around me at one time, but I've found myself surrounded by dolls in various states of undress, waiting for hair, accessories and general fussing with to get them ready to be shown and listed in my store.
A Victorian Chimney Sweep
I've spent this weekend getting to grips with things and trying to pick up the pieces of my organisation again. After making up lists of things to do I realised I had 6 dolls waiting for me - My Chimney Sweep, Lucrizia Borgia, Nelferch, Lady of the Lake, a doll names Who Am I?, and my Lady of Shalott, along with a special project I've been working on for a little while. I've managed to get my little Sweep here all finished and listed in my store - He'd make a wonderfully unusual wedding gift as it's considered lucky to get a kiss for a sweep on your wedding day so should bring luck to any new couple.
Nelferch - Sleeves trimmed with ivory silk velvet.
I couldn't decide at first if I would make my Nelferch, Lady of the Lake in line with the Arther legends or in line with the old Welsh Fairy Tale of the young man that fell in love and married Nelferch, only to loose her. In the end I decided to go with the old Welsh version as I really love the book by W Jenkyn Thomas. It's full of wonderful old stories and many that most people find familiar. And I plan to include an old copy of the book that's in good condition with this doll once she's finished.
Rich lace decorated with 24caret gold lined seed beads, rice pearls and vintage glass opals
After using the stunning 24caret gold lined seed beads given to me by Linda of DragonsWire on our joint doll project I couldn't resist trying to find more to use on Nelferch. These tiny little beads are like working with tiny points of light, and they work just perfectly for Nelferch as they look just like glints on the shimmering surface of a lake. I was so happy when they arrived yesterday and I could add them. With these tiny gold lined beads I've used Small rice pearls and vintage opal glass beads to decorate the lace that decorates her skirts and to trim her bodice. I need just the right colour of marabou for her hair so will have to wait until they arrive. And I've also ordered her a tiny golden comb to hang from her waist as is mentioned in the tale. I love her already and am so pleased with how she's coming out. I can't wait to get her final pieces added and to see her come to life. And I might even try out a Juliet cap for her.
I'm now working on Who Am I? to give her a gown in a lovely striped green and black fabric I found for the petticoats of my special project and designs for the beading I want to add to Lucrizia's gown to add richness and detail to her trims. I have little bits and pieces of fabric and trimmings  on order for all of these dolls and am working on what I can while I wait for them to arrive.
My Special Project in silk underwear - Drawers, shift and corset.
Showing off her lavender drawers
A silk under-petticoat and purple satin covered crinoline
Looking cheeky in her lacy frills
Showing off her stripy petticoat under her fine petticoat with a wide box pleated hem




  1. Well, I came to look at the Sweep (adorable) and Nelferch (I'm going to have to find that story, it sounds wonderful) and came back again to gawp in amazement at that crinoline. Serious wow! And the rich purple colour hidden under her clothes suggests luxury and decadence. Lovely! Oh, your pleats are so crisp! Do you set them with vinegar, which is apparently some old Victorian trick that's doing the rounds of the Steampunk cosplayers?

  2. Thank you, your so kind :)
    I'm really glad you like Sweep and how the others are coming.
    No I didn't add vinigar to these pleats as teh fabric is 100% cotton. It only needed pining down and a good iron both sides. I have used a few drops of white vinigar in teh iron before now and it's odd that it does help. I have read some Victorian things that say to soak teh fabric, pin it wet and then press but I'm always worried that the fabric will mark.