Monday, 23 September 2013

Tenby and A New Doll While I Wait

My Cris flying a toy plane at Tenby Beach - Photo taken by J Pilgrim
It feels like I've been away from home for ages, but it was only a few short days I spent away over this weekend with all of my best friends. I've not laughed so hard in years as I have this 3 days. And it's been so good to catch up with everyone.
The apartment we stayed at was at the site of a tunnel once used by Henry Tudor to escape to France. A great big Georgian town house which we had the top two floors of. The views from the windows looking out over the small harbour and the sea beyond. A great big table for us all to eat at and a lovely homely feel.
View From the Window - Photo taken by J Pilgrim
Even at this time of the year Tenby is such a pretty place. The colours on the water and mists rolling in making it all feel very mysterious and giving every view a special feel.
Sarah, Becky and Me all dressed up to celebrate Sarah's 40th Birthday :)
As always I'm still waiting for things to arrive so that I can work on my dolls that are sitting waiting for me. Nelferch still needs her golden comb which I ordered from the other side of the world. And my Lucrezia still needs her accessories as well as my special project which I'm waiting for fabric for.

Of course I'm no good at waiting and just have to have sewing to do. So with Halloween coming fast I got an idea to finally make a doll with a grave bell (used so that a buried person could ring for attention if they found themselves buried alive). This very young widow in her weeds will stand dutifully next to her husbands stone and bell. But I'm not convinced that she's as good and pure as she looks. You should see the frilly fancy coloured drawers!

I'm saving her photos just at the moment so that I can add them in a step by step in a later post.





  1. Looks like such a fun time...and oh my, I LOVE that fruit dress!!!

  2. Tash looked stunning that night xxx mind she always does xxxx