Monday, 30 September 2013

The Young Widow - Work In Progress

So most of this post is in pictures as I wanted to show you as best I can how many layers go into my dolls when I dress them. She's still not finished and I have more to add, but my Young Widow is starting to look like herself.
This doll is one of my largest dolls, one of my very detailed dolls, and when she's done she'll have a gravestone with her with a grave bell. A grave bell was used by those worried that they would be buried alive so that they could ring for help. But was the Husband the one that was worried, or is the Widow the one that wants to make sure he's gone?

Meet my Young Widow - She looks quite innocent at the moment, but I'm not too sure...
Here you can see her in her shift and drawers.
It doesn't seem quite right to me that she's decided to wear frilly lacy be-ribboned drawers. Who does she think will see them? Or who does she hope?
Now in her corset and petticoats she's looking a little more respectable.
Many of the older women are very jealous of her tiny waist.
She has been following the rules. Well those she can't get away with not following :S
She's ditched her crinoline for old-fashioned layers, so she wears 4 petticoats.
The first of plain white cotton, then one of rough stiff calico with a wide ruffle at the hem to add the bulk to her skirts, next one plain in fine cream cotton, then another in the same fabric trimmed with fine lace.
After all the white bright layers my Widow now has on her underskirt and the start of her bodice and sleeves.
Her underskirt has layers of ruffles sewn onto a dark red cotton as she knows how to use fine fabrics well to minimise wastage. The red won't show once her dress is finished.
This ladies bodice is very plain at the moment, but will have a silky layer and lace added to make it more fashionable. Her sleeves are fitted with puff shoulders trimmed with silky ruffles at the wrist and under the puff.
Next on the list for this lady is her split ruffled over-skirt and all of the detailing that she needs. Then I'll be on to hair and accessories, including her husbands gravestone and bell.
Hope your having fun :)

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  1. This is what I love about your wonderful dolls; the beautifully constructed layers of historically accurate clothes. Her shift is gorgeous, the thick petticoat with the ruffle sounds like a brilliant way to keep skirts looking full and that dress, that gorgeous dress with the saucy secret of the hidden red. Widow's Weeds indeed!